Russia builds plane to command Armed Forces in the event of nuclear war

Russia began building a new “Doomsday Aircraft”, which will  be used to evacuate the country’s leadership and manage the army in the event of a nuclear war.

RIA Novosti reports, citing a source in the Russian defense industry, that the Russian Aerospace Forces will receive two such planes built on the basis of the Il-96-400M. One of these planes is already in production in Voronezh.

New Doomsday aircraft will replace the existing IL-80, built on the basis of passenger IL-86, which have been in operation since 1992.

The aircraft will have no windows. It will be equipped with means of protection against weapons of mass destruction. These aircraft will be able to stay in the air for about three days. There will be all the necessary equipment to command the Russian Armed Forces.

The new aircraft will have an increased flight range and will be able to refuel in the air. The Russian top leadership will be able to give commands for the launch of strategic aviation, land and sea-based missiles from a distance of 6 thousand kilometers.

According to the source of RIA Novosti, the project is called Zveno-3S (Link-3S). In the future, a third aircraft might be ordered.

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  • If there is a nuclear war, there will be no army to command, or country.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Mafia land playing catchup again. We’ve had such planes since 1973. And, mafia land is using a not-so-successful aircraft, which a whole 31 have been produced since 1988 and only Cuba uses, besides mafia land. Hardy, har, har!

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    • Which country does Vlad thinks he will go to in his flying Lada when this nuclear war starts? I guess Muscovy never heard of the captain going down with his ship. This is more like, me and my cronies are out of here, the sheep can take care of themselves.

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