Circassian Genocide


  • This was so shattering to read, that I thought it should have more exposure. You can see in the revolting behaviour described here as the origins of naziism.
    Unfortunately they have not changed one bit.

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    • “Russia actively denies the Circassian genocide, and classifies the events as a simple migration.”

      And now 150 years later our leaders see this played out over and over again but react the same. What the civilized people call “genocide”, the Moskali call, “resettlement.”

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      • I am in the South Caucasus region at the moment Redders and I can say that it is one of the most beautiful regions on earth. I’m told also that still occupied Abkhazia is exceptionally beautiful, but of course has been ravaged by occupier scum. It really is a crime against humanity that savages have been allowed to pollute these wonderful lands for so damn long.

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        • They are spreading their culture or one could say lack thereof.
          I was in a city in western Ukraine many years ago and I commented to my wife about a couple of guys standing outside an indoor market and spitting on people leaving. She said, “They are Russians.” That was how they entertained themselves.

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          • Subhuman scum. The descendants of those filth that committed crimes of such depravity on Circassians. They are filthy degenerates who perversely regard themselves as superior. Putinoids are on the same evolutionary scale as Somalians.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Mafia land, crime syndicate, trash country, cesspool, shithole … all abt names for the Russia.

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