A court in Yakutia sent shaman Alexander Gabyshev for compulsory treatment

The Yakut city court sent the shaman Alexander Gabyshev, who was going to carry out the ritual of “expelling Putin,” for compulsory treatment in a specialized type of medical organization with intensive supervision.

“These are special conditions – grates wherever possible. Murderers, rapists – those who have committed grave and especially grave crimes are sent to such a regime, ”Aleksey Pryanishnikov, a lawyer for Human Rights, told Novaya Gazeta.

He noted that in such institutions, increased doses of antipsychotics are used to restrict the movement of a person. At the same time, according to him, the period of compulsory treatment for Gabyshev has not been established.

The court made such a decision in a criminal case on the use of force against an employee of the Russian Guard. According  to the  investigation, in January 2021, when Gabyshev was searched, he “used a handicraft weapon 84 centimeters long and inflicted a stab and cut wound” on one of the officers. In May, psychiatrists found Gabyshev insane.

Until the court’s decision came into force, Gabyshev will be in custody. The defense intends to file an appeal.

Since 2019, Alexander Gabyshev has repeatedly announced plans to walk from Yakutia to Moscow to carry out the rite of “expelling Putin.” During the first two attempts, he faced harassment by law enforcement agencies, and several cases were opened against him. Gabyshev planned to carry out the third attempt in 2020, but in the spring of that year, the shaman was placed for treatment in a psychiatric hospital, where he  spent  about two months.

In January 2021, Gabyshev  announced that in March he would go on horseback for a new trip to Moscow. In February, the Yakutsk City Court satisfied the claim of the local neuropsychiatric dispensary for the involuntary hospitalization of Gabyshev. The dispensary explained its demand by the fact that the shaman refused to be treated and “again began to make loud statements in the media.”

(C)MEDUZA 2021

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