“There are very rapid processes”: the writer Bykov said that Putin is supported by only 5% of Russians

According to Dmitry Bykov, there are too few convinced supporters of Putin’s course in Russia now.5% of ardent supporters of Putin, says Bykov / Reuters5% of ardent supporters of Putin, says Bykov / Reuters

The course of the current President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin is now supported by only 5% of Russian citizens, as well as his opponents. Most Russians – 90% – “just go about their business.”

This was stated by Russian writer Dmitry Bykov, whom the FSB could have poisoned with a substance such as “Novachok” on the air of the channel ” Ukraine 24 “.

“It seems to me that the notion of Russia as a slave country is a profound misconception. Because under some crust that covers the Russian surface, there are very rapid, very rapid and ambiguous processes, sometimes mutually exclusive. And you know better than me what there is a distance between the people and the government, what a huge air cushion. That is, external conformism should not convince anyone, “Bykov said.

Speaking about who makes up modern Russian society, the writer said: “5% – of ardent loyalists, another 5% – of ardent liberals, and 90% of those who expect to succeed, who are engaged in their affairs, buying off the state to varying degrees – some with bribes, some with silence, some with conformism. But this is ransom, and in many respects inertia. “

Bykov poisoning: what is known

  • On April 16, 2019 in Ufa, where Dmitry Bykov came to give a lecture, he was hospitalized. At the hospital, Bykov began brain edema, he was placed in a medical coma.
  • On the night of April 19, Bykov was taken by special board to Moscow and placed at the Burdenko Research Institute, remaining in a stable serious condition.
  • On April 21, in connection with the improvement of Bykov’s health, he was transferred to independent breathing.
  • On April 25, speaking on the program “One”, recorded for the radio “Echo of Moscow” while still in hospital, Bykov called the reason for his hospitalization poisoning.
  • A joint investigation by the research group Bellingcat and the Russian publication The Insider says that Bykov could have been poisoned by Russian FSB officers during his trip to Novosibirsk in 2019 with a substance of paralytic action, which includes “Newbie”. The investigation became known in June 2021.
  • (c)UNIAN 2021

One comment

  • onlyfactsplease

    Five percent of ardent supporters of the shit nugget is about the proportion of Ruskies belonging to those who profit from the crime syndicate’s power structure. Thus, no surprises there. Everyone else is a loser of the system.

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