Gazprom said it did not offer Ukraine to buy gas from Russia

Miller’s comments on transit volumes through Ukraine after 2024 concerned EU procurement under new contracts.Gazprom reacted to Vitrenko's words / UNIAN photoGazprom reacted to Vitrenko’s words / UNIAN photo

Russia ‘s Gazprom did not offer Ukraine to buy gas, and CEO Alexei Miller’s comments on transit through Ukraine after 2024 concerned EU procurement under new contracts.

As reported by TASS , this is stated in a comment issued on Saturday to Gazprom in connection with the statement of the Chairman of the Board of Naftogaz of Ukraine Yuri Vitrenko.

“We have read the statement of Naftogaz Ukrainy CEO Yuriy Vitrenko. Please note that no one has offered Ukraine to buy Russian gas. Gazprom CEO Oleksiy Miller’s comment is addressed to our EU partners, primarily German,” the statement said. message from Gazprom’s information department.

It specifies that “it is a question of volumes of transit through Ukraine after 2024 according to new volumes of purchases of the Russian gas by the companies of the EU countries under new contracts”. “And that in this regard we are also concerned about the decarbonisation of the European Union economy,” the statement said.

As UNIAN reported, today, July 24, the chairman of the board of Naftogaz of Ukraine Yuri Vitrenko said that Gazprom’s proposals to maintain gas transit through Ukraine in exchange for unprofitable purchases of Russian gas are unacceptable. Thus, Naftogaz noted, Vitrenko commented on Miller’s statement on readiness to ensure and increase gas transit through Ukraine with additional purchases of Russian gas.

On July 23, Vitrenko said that  Ukraine would insist on the need to impose sanctions on the operator of the Nord Stream-2 project, which would prevent the start of gas transportation through the pipeline.

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  • I think Biden fucked Ukraine pretty badly. He is the russian agent, not Trump. Cleverly done by the Dems. I’m totally shocked. This pipeline is an assault on Nato’s stability and our security interests. Biden should be impeached for high treason asap. We cannot afford to have a kgb asset as our president. Sadly the Dems, other than GOP, live in political collectivism and therefore will not join the GOP in a congressional effort to stop this shame and tell Germany to return to nuclear power if they want climate-friendly energy instead of importing piped russian farts.

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