The ECHR registered Russia’s lawsuit against Ukraine and refused to comply with two of its demands

Russia has decided to accuse Ukraine of violating articles of the Convention on Human Rights.Russia has filed a lawsuit against Ukraine in the European Court / photo REUTERSRussia has filed a lawsuit against Ukraine in the European Court / photo REUTERS

The European Court of Human Rights has registered a lawsuit filed by Russia against Ukraine the day before .

This was reported today on the website of the European Court of Human Rights.

The text of the published document states that this is the first interstate complaint filed by Russia. In it, the Russian government alleges that Ukraine has violated a number of articles of the European Convention on Human Rights. These are the right to life, inhuman or degrading treatment, freedom and security, respect for private and family life, expression of opinion, an effective remedy, discrimination, and so on. 

The Russian Federation also sent an urgent request for precautionary measures against Ukraine, in particular:

  • to stop restricting the rights of Russian-speaking persons, in particular, regarding access to the use of their native language in schools, the media and the Internet;
  • demand that the Ukrainian authorities suspend the blockade of the North Crimean Canal.

The Court decided to reject the above claims, stating that they did not concern serious risks of causing irreparable damage to a fundamental right under the Convention. They also added that the court fulfills such requests only if there is a risk of causing irreparable damage.

Russia’s lawsuit against Ukraine in the European Court of Human Rights

As UNIAN reported, on July 22, Russia filed an interstate complaint with the European Court of Human Rights against Ukraine on 10 groups of charges, including “responsibility of the Ukrainian authorities for the death of civilians, illegal imprisonment and ill-treatment” during the events on the Maidan and in The building of trade unions in Odessa in 2014, and also in Donbass within carrying out anti-terrorist operation.

In addition, the Russian Federation accuses the Ukrainian Armed Forces of killing people, causing damage to health and destruction of property as a result of shelling of the adjacent territory of the Russian Federation; depriving residents of certain territories of south-eastern Ukraine of the opportunity to participate in elections to central authorities; blocking the North Crimean Canal as the main source of fresh water for Crimean residents; Malaysia Airlines plane crash as a result of the Ukrainian authorities’ failure to close the airspace over the war zone.

Commenting on Russia’s lawsuit against the European Court of Human Rights, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry noted that it was filed solely for propaganda purposes .

(c)UNIAN 2021

One comment

  • onlyfactsplease

    This is the classical case of the pot calling the kettle black. The hypocrites in Moscow are misusing this entity for duplicitous reasons. They ignore international regulations and laws and court rulings regularity. This alone should be enough grounds to slam the door shut in their faces when they seek help from an international entity.

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