Rain is not a joy. Consequences of the Odessa “tsunami”

Large-scale flood paralyzed the streets of Odessa / photo from UNIAN, Alexander Gimanov

Rain is not a joy. Consequences of the Odessa “tsunami”

LARISA KOZOVAYA 15:23, 23 July 202112 minutes 789

On the night of July 22, South Palmyra was covered with a volley downpour. In a few hours, the metropolis turned into a stormy river, and people were trapped by the elements. UNIAN talked with city officials, rescuers and residents of the city.

Against the background of the abnormal heat, this week Odessa was covered with an unprecedented downpour. Large-scale flooding paralyzed public transport, apartments and private houses were flooded, tens of thousands of citizens were left without electricity, and an entire area was cut off from the city. People were transported by boats, many had to get to the “land” up to the waist in water, abandoning cars stalled in the “rivers” … While homeowners and entrepreneurs count losses, taxi drivers raised prices, and enterprising “businessmen” drove desperate pedestrians with a truck. Doubtful at the height of the season – swimming in the sea …

Children and frail old people were captured by the elements

Exhausted by the unprecedented heat, Odessa residents, although they wanted rain, but the volley downpour that covered the city shocked everyone. People jumped out of their beds from the frightening “symphony” of thunder, the sound of water on roofs, glass, earth and the groan of trees “dancing” in the gusts of a strong wind. Huge “waves” burst into stuffy apartments through open windows, flowed from ceilings, from sockets.The consequences of bad weather in Odessa / photo from UNIAN, Alexander GimanovThe consequences of bad weather in Odessa / photo from UNIAN, Alexander Gimanov

Cars, kiosks, trade equipment and street cafes floated overboard. “Tsunami” knocked down, asphalt fell in different areas.  

The press service of the mayor’s office noted that special equipment and employees of the “City Roads” communal enterprise pumped out water throughout the night and kept the storm water inlets in working order. Nevertheless, a number of streets were flooded, in some of them the water level rose to the waist. People could not get out of the cars stalled in the “lakes”, parked cars sank almost to the very roof, flooded offices and beauty salons …Even the booths floated because of the heavy downpour / photo from UNIAN, Alexander GimanovEven the booths floated because of the heavy downpour / photo from UNIAN, Alexander Gimanov

In the morning after a terrible night on the streets, in particular Balkovskaya and Primorskaya, there were deposits of asphalt, rubble and sand, manhole covers were torn out. Trams did not enter the routes. The city was locked in congestion.The streets of Odessa were flooded / photo from UNIAN, Alexander GimanovThe streets of Odessa were flooded / photo from UNIAN, Alexander Gimanov

According to the mayor of Odessa Gennady Trukhanov, the metropolis is on the brink of a global tragedy . The fact is that due to heavy rainfall, the water in the Khadzhibey estuary has risen. There was a dam with a road passing through it under the threat of flooding. This protective structure was created in the forties of the last century and has long been in need of major repairs . According to experts, if the dam breaks through, it will flood a huge territory – from the Peresypsky Bridge to Zhevakhovaya Gora. Water will destroy railways, roads and communications linking the village of Kotovsky (Suvorovsky district of Odessa) with the city center. Residents will be left without water supply and sanitation.

“At night, a little more than four hours, a two-month norm of precipitation fell … If it had rained longer, it is not known how it would have ended …”, – said the mayor, noting that this was recorded in Odessa only once – in 1988.

At the same time, according to the regional central office of the State Emergency Service, in the first half of the night on July 22, only 80 percent of the monthly precipitation rate fell. However, there were numerous floods in all four districts of the city. The most ambitious are on the streets of Ataman Golovaty, Balkovskaya, Radialnaya, Shefskaya, Babel, Bolgarskaya, Richter, Academician Filatov, Avdeev-Chernomorskiy, Putevoy, Bunin, Promyshlennaya and Khimicheskaya.https://www.youtube.com/embed/Fc-HJe5ECEU

Residents of private house No. 42 on Putevoy Street went through a real nightmare, from where rescuers freed four adults and a small child. As one of the victims, Anna Shakhmetova, told UNIAN, at night a stream of water knocked out the front door and flooded all the premises.

“A two-meter fence protruded 30 centimeters out of the water, I fell into the water up to my chest … In the house were me, my mother, my 86-year-old grandparents, as well as my 4-year-old child. Grandma – after a stroke, she does not speak, grandfather – Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, he did not understand what was happening at all and sat in the water until we got to him, because the door jammed into the room … “, – she said.

Due to bad weather, the telephone connection worked intermittently, and people hardly got through to the rescue service, and they had to wait for the GSChS employees on the windowsills and barricades of things that came to hand. According to Anna Shakhmetova, all property in the house – refrigerator, TV, furniture, etc. – is damaged and cannot be restored. Two frightened old men were taken to the hospital, how they will live in a flooded house – it is not yet clear …photo UNIAN, Alexander Gimanovphoto UNIAN, Alexander Gimanov

“During the night we evacuated more than 30 people. Some could not get out of their homes, others were stuck in offices,” said the State Emergency Service.

Some managed to escape on their own. For example, flooded eight apartments on Babel Street, 31. The water here rose to the middle of the windows. All household utensils fell into disrepair – people were left with nothing … Fortunately, no one was hurt – from the first floor right during a thunderstorm, residents got out through a small window. And they climbed up the drainpipe – with the baby in their arms, taking their pets.

Taxi truck and air mattresses

Although the dam was dispensed with, on the other hand, huge “lakes” cut off from the city the village of Kotovsky and the Peresyp lowland (Suvorovsky and part of the Malinovsky districts), where more than two hundred thousand people live. They say that it was easier to get to Nikolaev or Kherson from the other side than to the center of Odessa. But some daredevils tried to break through. Among them is the driver of bus # 146. Having reached the Black Sea Cossacks Street, the minibus went under the water , and the passengers got out almost by swimming. Fortunately, employees of the State Emergency Service were nearby.https://www.unian.net/player/7RzOZUEaMinibus flooded in Odessa

“Rescuers helped the passengers to get off the minibus … We did not receive a call, but our employees were in the right place at the right time,” said the press service of the department.

The residents of Ataman Holovaty Street also fell into traps – more than fifty people were brought to the “shore” by two boats, and in the evening there were 27 residents of Kharkov, who were in Odessa on vacation, in the trap. Of these, 12 are children aged 1 to 4 years.photo UNIAN, Alexander Gimanovphoto UNIAN, Alexander Gimanov

“All of them were heading to the railway station and got stuck in a minibus along Ataman Holovaty Street. Rescuers took them to a safe place with a boat, and then provided a service bus so that guests of our city could catch their train on time,” the State Emergency Service said.

Near the Peresypsky bridge, a KamAZ with a trailer fell into a washed-out collector with water and almost completely sank. Streets Balkovskaya and Tserkovnaya turned into rivers. Barefoot, half-naked townspeople walked knee-deep, or even waist-deep in water. Others have adapted air mattresses …

Even micro-districts, where in the past years rains did not create any special problems, got it. For example, in the part of Cheryomushki.photo UNIAN, Alexander Gimanovphoto UNIAN, Alexander Gimanov

“Branches hang on the tram wires. Fortunately, we did not see the wires on the ground, but one tree fell in our presence. In my memory, for the first time, the carriageway of General Petrov and Yakir (Itzhak Rabbin, – UNIAN) streets was flooded. ] that the cars drove into the pedestrian part and their owners tried to go around the puddles, or threw them there … A couple of cars were piled up by trees, “a resident of the microdistrict Maxim Voitenko shared his impressions with UNIAN.

Chaos played into the hands of some “businessmen” who promptly organized a lucrative business – they offered those willing to get in the back of a truck from Peresypsky Bridge to Paustovsky Street (to the village of Kotovsky) for 100 hryvnias . Taxi prices also skyrocketed – they did not want to take anyone from (to) the center to the sleeping areas for less than 500 hryvnia. It is not for nothing that they say: “To whom is the war, and to whom is the mother dear …”.https://www.unian.net/player/UCngef8uOdessa “businessmen”

The most unprotected were hit by the elements: the roof was blown off the shelter for pensioners and people with disabilities. The entire floor where the homeless lived was flooded, the ceiling collapsed.

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“A tragedy occurred in one of our shelters. The roof of the shelter for the elderly and the disabled was blown off because of strong winds and downpours. organization “New Life” Fyodor Gerasimov and asked for help from those who were not indifferent.

The hurricane was not spared by the international airport “Odessa”, where a new platform, recently put into operation, was flooded.

The water also rose in the ponds of the Victory Arboretum – the alleys were flooded, some of the fish died.Restoration work continues / photo from UNIAN, Alexander GimanovRestoration work continues / photo from UNIAN, Alexander Gimanov

Among other things, more than 2 thousand residential buildings were left without electricity due to rainfall and wind. According to Deputy Mayor Dmitry Zheman, the power engineers promised to complete the work by Thursday evening. However, as of the morning of July 23, not everyone had light.

The streets of Ataman Golovaty (park area) and Shchegolev remain flooded.

“The restoration work continues. Since this morning, 65 units of special equipment and 295 workers have been involved in them …”, the mayor’s office said.

A man washed into the sea and mountains of garbage on the coast

Yesterday on social networks there was information about a man washed away by a stream of water into the Black Sea on the Arcadia beach. They said that the unknown had allegedly died, and the mayor’s office confirmed that the victim was being looked for. Towards evening it became known that he had been found and taken to the hospital …Downpour significantly "corrected" the landscape of the beaches / photo from UNIAN, Alexander GimanovDownpour significantly “corrected” the landscape of the beaches / photo from UNIAN, Alexander Gimanov

Beaches are a special topic in general. The downpour significantly “corrected” their landscape. The slopes to the sea became impassable and partially impassable, sun loungers, tents, wooden flooring and other utensils were washed away. A huge amount of mud got into the water area, which now covers the remains of sand.

A large part of the coastal slope has slipped on the “Gold Coast” beach – tons of land ended up on the embankment, on the “Chaika” beach the ground sank, and the above-mentioned “Arcadia” looks like a battlefield.Everything is filled with fecal waste / photo Vladislav BalinskyEverything is filled with fecal waste / photo Vladislav Balinsky

According to the head of the public organization “Green Leaf” Vladislav Balinsky, the problem here is in the development of the Arcadia gully, which was literally rolled into asphalt.

“Back in Soviet times, this ravine (ravine, – UNIAN) was specially planted with a large number of trees. Alas, then this part of the city was given for development, which was a fatal mistake,” the activist says.

He explained that in the “Arcadia” area, sewage flows directly to the beach – to the water area and sand. Hence – the persistent smell of sewage.The threshold of perception of reality among tourists is underestimated / photo Vladislav BalinskyThe threshold of perception of reality among tourists is underestimated / photo Vladislav Balinsky

“Everything is filled with fecal waste, which vacationers probably confuse with healing mud,” the activist jokes.

He believes that the threshold of perception of reality among tourists is underestimated by appropriate propaganda and advertising. Therefore, in spite of everything, people let their children swim in the gully, formed, according to Balinsky, by the pressure of fecal water from the emergency collector.

“Careless tourists, this is shit! Don’t let the children splash in the feces!”, Vladislav urges the guests of the city.In the "Arcadia" area, sewage flows directly to the beach / photo Vladislav BalinskyIn the “Arcadia” area, sewage flows directly to the beach / photo Vladislav Balinsky

Dmitry Belyaev, head of the Odessa Coast utility company, acknowledges the problem. He says, they say, there was a large drainage of water, which led to the destruction of the coastal zone, overflow of the collector, which passes through the notorious gully. The structure could not withstand the load, and storm drains burst out. True, according to the official, the damaged sewer pipes were promptly damped and there are no harmful emissions in the Arcadia region today. As for the fetid odor, it’s just stagnant water …

Be that as it may, environmentalists recommend: refrain from swimming on local beaches in the coming days . Better to wait until the sea water returns to normal. At least in relative terms.

(c)UNIAN 2021

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