On the Transsib, trains stopped from behind a collapsed railway bridge. They promised to restore the movement in two days

On July 23, train traffic on the Trans-Siberian Railway was stopped in both directions after a bridge collapsed in the Trans-Baikal Territory. The crossing of the Areda River collapsed on the stretch between the Kuenga and Ukurei stations in the Sretensky region. This happened after heavy rains, reported in the MOE. On the website of the regional government it is said that the bridge collapsed “due to the washing off of the support.” As a result of the incident, no one was injured. Anti-erosion and recovery trains were sent to the site.https://t.me/agurulev/794?embed=1

“This is the most serious problem so far,” the deputy prime minister of the regional government, Andrei Gurulev, wrote in a telegram, who published photographs from the scene. The flood waters washed away six bridges and washed away four more, he said. 650 houses were flooded in two districts of the region . Due to the erosion of the embankment , the key Amur highway in the Shilkinsky district was temporarily blocked .

Four trains were detained on Transsib, and some more were canceled. After the collapse of the bridge, it became known about the delay of the Samara-Vladivostok train. Then three trains approached the blocked section from the east : Vladivostok – Moscow, Vladivostok – Samara and Blagoveshchensk – Chita. Train passengers are planned to be transported by buses to the nearest major railway stations, from where they can continue their journey by train. Russian Railways is also discussing with airlines the transportation of passengers on detained trains on airplanes.

The Trans-Baikal Railway canceled long-distance trains between Chita and Blagoveshchensk, scheduled for July 24, 26 and 28, and four more suburban routes.


Russian Railways canceled the sale of tickets for trains traveling through the damaged section for three days , “so as not to create additional problems for passengers,” the company said in its Telegram channel. In addition, from 23 to 25 July, several long-distance trains will run only part of the route. Thus, trains going from Moscow to Vladivostok will only follow to Chita. Also, Russian Railways suspended for three days the loading of all goods that should be sent from the Bushuley station in the Trans-Baikal Territory to the east along the Trans-Siberian Railway (restrictions do not apply to the sending of products). “The situation on the restoration of traffic remains difficult, in the coming days it is predicted to continue rains in the region,” – said in the Russian Railways.

Trans-Siberian railway traffic plan fully recover within two to five days , said Russian President Vladimir Putin at the working meeting with the permanent members of the Security Council. This information was provided to him by the head of the Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov and the Minister of Emergency Situations Yevgeny Zinichev. According to them, they plan to restore the first branch within two to two and a half days, and the second branch within five days. The President noted that because of the incident, dozens of freight trains were stopped.

“The life support of the respective regions must, of course, be ensured. I mean food groups of goods, and everything that is necessary for the life of enterprises, municipal services, utilities, ”Putin said. Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin, in turn, instructed the  Deputy Prime Ministers to oversee the restoration of the bridge and make sure that the regions do not experience food problems .

(c)MEDUZA 2021

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