Germany calls on Ukraine to implement “Steinmeier formula”

Germany called on Russia to take measures to urgently open checkpoints on the line of contact.Germany appealed to Ukraine and Russia / photo UNIANGermany appealed to Ukraine and Russia / photo UNIAN

The German Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on Ukraine to fulfill the agreements following the “Norman Summit” in Paris in December 2019 and to implement the ” Steinmeier formula ” in its legislation .

The press service of the German Foreign Ministry  published a statement on the anniversary of the ceasefire agreement reached in the Tripartite Contact Group. Russia and Ukraine were called upon to fully implement the agreements following the summit.

“We call on Russia and Ukraine to fully implement the conclusions of the summit agreed in Paris in December 2019, in order to achieve tangible improvement for the people of eastern Ukraine. Ukraine must also fulfill its obligations, for example, to implement the so-called Steinmeier formula into Ukrainian legislation, ”the statement said.

The German Foreign Ministry stressed that Russia should open a checkpoint in the Donbas, which had been blocked by militants for several months, demine the territory and withdraw heavy weapons. 

The German Foreign Ministry added that the OSCE SMM needs to provide unhindered access to the environmental protection zone in order to more effectively control the ceasefire.

“To do this, he needs unimpeded and secure access throughout the conflict zone. Together with France, Germany will continue to insist on a permanent solution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine, for which the Minsk agreements continue to be an unchanging basis, ”the statement said.

Steinmeier’s formula: what is known

Steinmeier’s formula was called the mechanisms for implementing the Minsk agreements proposed in October 2015 by the German leader.

The “formula” is to hold local elections in the ORDLO in accordance with the Constitution of Ukraine, confirmation of the democratic nature of the elections by the OSCE – the permanent entry into force of special local self-government in some districts of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Simultaneously with the implementation of this law – the withdrawal of troops and the establishment of Ukraine’s control over the eastern border.Petro Poroshenko and Frank-Walter Steinmeier / Photo UNIANPetro Poroshenko and Frank-Walter Steinmeier / Photo UNIAN

At the same time, Kyiv has insisted on a gradual settlement of the conflict in Donbas since 2015, while Russia and militant leaders have argued that the points should be implemented simultaneously, not in chronological order.

Representatives of incumbent President Volodymyr Zelensky now accuse their predecessors of agreeing to the “formula”, and the government now, they say, must be guided by the 2016 agreements.

However, the previous government insisted on the preconditions for security, and the “formula” of the German minister explains the procedure only for holding elections and the entry into force of the law on special status.

The implementation of the “Steinmeier formula” was once again raised at the “Norman Summit” on December 9 in France. At that time, Ukrainians reacted angrily to the possibility of its introduction by protests.

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