Belarusian TV showed a video with the athlete Aleksey Kudin, whom Russia extradited to Belarus despite the ban of the ECHR. He declared support for Lukashenka

The Belarusian state TV channel ONT published a video on telegram with the world champion in Muay Thai Aleksey Kudin, whom Russia recently extradited to Belarus.

Kudin said that he is “alive and well” and is in remand prison No. 1 in Minsk. He added that he supports the current Belarusian authorities and does not support the Belarusian opposition forces, “which are trying to destroy my country and want to bring some kind of confusion in my country.”

The situation that happened [in August 2020], for this situation I will bear the punishment that should be, and I am ready to atone for my guilt. <…> I want to apologize to the law enforcement officers who suffered from my actions. I compensated them in full. <…> I also plan to ask for pardon of Alexander Grigorievich Lukashenko …

In Belarus, Kudin is accused of using force against a police officer at one of the protests in August 2020. The athlete was detained in Moscow in January 2021 at the request of Belarus. On July 21, the ECHR ruled that he could not be extradited to Belarus due to the threat of persecution and torture. However, on July 22 it became known that Kudin was sent to Minsk.

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