Victims of the MH17 tragedy demand to identify those guilty of downing of the plane

On July 17, 2014 – in the skies over the Ukrainian Torez – the illegal armed groups controlled by the Kremlin shot down a passenger Boeing flight MH17 with a Russian Buk missile system. On the seventh anniversary of the tragedy, Ukraine, Austria, Belgium, Malaysia and the Netherlands made a statement demanding to finally identify those responsible for the deaths of 298 passengers. At what stage is the investigation is, and when the verdicts of the guilty will be announced? Our journalists found out.

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  1. You don’t need to wait to find out who is guilty, I can tell you. His name is Putler, the president of the terrorist state called Russia.

    • The poisonous little nazi needs to swing just for that alone. The only viable punishment for all the good people’s lives he destroyed would be the Ivan the Terrible method: plunged into freezing water, slowly heated to near boiling point, extracted, plunged into freezing water again, reheated. Repeat ad nauseaum.

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