Mass distribution of Russian passports in CADLO not to lead to entry of “DNR/LNR” into Russian Federation – Kozak

The massive distribution of Russian passports in the occupied Donbas does not mean that these certain areas will become part of the Russian Federation. This statement was made by Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Dmitry Kozak in an interview with the Politique internationale French magazine.

“Why is Russia so generously issuing passports, if it does not aim at the subsequent entry of the DNR and LNR into Russia?”, – the journalist asked.

“The decision on the simplified procedure for issuing passports was made exclusively as a humanitarian measure after the blockade of Donbas was imposed and its residents were reduced in their civil rights”, – a Russian official in charge of the occupation of Donbas explained the mass granting Russian citizenship to Ukrainians in a familiar stock phrase.

“The decision to issue passports cannot be considered as an instrument or signs of the subsequent inclusion of the DNR and LNR in Russia… As soon as the situation in the Donbas is resolved, the need for this decision will disappear. The general procedure for granting citizenship will be restored”, – Kozak denied the statements of the puppet CADLO rulers that the illegal distribution of Russian passports to Ukrainian citizens is an important step in the “Donbas integration into Russia”.

(c)OSTROV 2021

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