Experts warn of threat of acid rain as a result of accident at Rivneazot

07:17, 21.07.21 – UNIAN

At the Rivneazot plant, the pipeline in the nitric acid production plant was depressurized.

Experts say that as a result of the accident at the chemical plant “Rivneazot” acid rain may fall.

Public writes about it .

According to chemistry teacher Oksana Mysina, the orange gases in the eyewitness photo are nitrous gases or “foxtail”:

Acid rain can affect vegetation, but a large concentration of gases is required to affect the human body. Misina added that for this period it is better to be careful: once again not to go out into the air, to be at home.

Agrochemist Serhiy Adamenko stressed the danger of nitrous gases, but experts do not currently have accurate data on their concentration.

“Once in the soil in large doses, they (nitrous gases – ed.) Can contribute to the accumulation of nitrates in plant products. Their large number can also cause carcinogenic diseases. In a situation where such a cloud goes in the direction of the city or town, city residents close the windows tightly, “Adamenko replied.

According to officials, emissions at the plant are “within normal limits.” The wind was in a north-easterly direction, the cloud did not go to Rivne.

Explosion at the Rivneazot plant : what is known

In the evening of July 20, at the Rivneazot plant, the pipeline in the nitric acid production plant was depressurized  . As a result of the emergency, there was a single release of nitrous gases. The consequences of the emergency have been eliminated. There are no victims.

The SES assured that no  chemically hazardous substances were detected in the air, there is no threat to people and the environment.

Law enforcement officers initiated criminal proceedings on the fact of the accident   for violating safety rules.

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