Retailers have warned of the risk of empty store shelves due to garbage reform. Ministry of Natural Resources asked not to frighten the Russians

The Association of Retail Companies ( AKORT ) and the Association of Internet Trade Companies ( AKIT ) turned to the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation because of the department’s bill on the responsibility of manufacturers for the future disposal of goods and packaging, writes RBC.

Retailers are not happy that the bill prohibits the sale of goods that are not included in a special register within the waste accounting system. It is assumed that the information entered in the register will help control the payment of environmental fees by manufacturers for the subsequent disposal of goods.

According to the associations, the ban on the sale of goods not included in the register, spelled out in the bill, will lead to the destruction of the existing system of legal trade and the established chains of production and sale of goods in Russia.

“The application of this prohibition in the conditions proposed by the draft law with a high degree of probability can lead to empty shelves in retail outlets and a reduction / nullification of the choice in the range of online stores,” the heads of the two associations said in a letter sent to the head of the Ministry of Natural Resources Alexander Kozlov on July 8.

The position of the two organizations was supported by the Association of Trade Companies and Manufacturers of Electrical Household and Computer Equipment ( RATEK ). On July 16, all three associations sent similar objections to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Economic Development and the Ministry of Agriculture.

The Russian ecological operator, which on July 2 became the single operator of waste accounting systems in Russia instead of the Ministry of Natural Resources, does not agree with the position of the organizations. “There is no risk of empty shelves,” CEO of the company Denis Butsaev told RBC.

“For manufacturers and importers, entering information into the system will not lead to additional costs. So, now they are required to declare the released goods and packaging. We propose, instead of declaring, entering information into an electronic system. This is an international practice, “Butsaev said.

The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation  told RBC that the responsibility of manufacturers for the disposal of goods and packaging has been in effect for more than four years, and urged “not to frighten Russians with empty shelves.” “The statements about the alleged risks are similar to manipulations connected with the introduction of real control over the observance of the current legislation,” the ministry said.

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