In Kiev, the company refused to hire a girl because of the Ukrainian language: how the scandal ended

In Kiev, the Columb Trade company, which is engaged in the selection of cars from the United States, refused to hire a girl because she speaks Ukrainian. The scandal ended with the dismissal of the HR manager and an apology.

Resident of the capital Victoria Yukhimets applied for one of the vacancies offered by the company.

During the telephone conversation, she was refused because she speaks Ukrainian, and the company has a different ” corporate culture”.

“ It’s not even a refusal. You will feel uncomfortable in the environment. We have a corporate culture. We all communicate in Russian, ”said the HR manager.

Then she also stated that the founder of the company is a Belarusian, who allegedly does not understand the Ukrainian language.

The girl recorded the conversation on a dictaphone and posted it on social networks. Then there was a scandal, and the company apologized for the words of their employee.

“ On behalf of Columb Auto Trade, we sincerely apologize for these misunderstandings and indignation of Ukrainians. We are a pro-Ukrainian company and do not engage in anti-nationalism, ”the company said in a statement.

After a while, the company announced the dismissal of the HR manager who was interviewing.

“ Recently, during an interview, our already former employee allowed herself remarks and comments that are unacceptable not only for the company, but also those that violate Ukrainian laws. She was fired today. The Columb Trade management would like to thank all those who are not indifferent for the coverage of the situation and comments. We understand the public outrage and will work on the mistakes, ”the statement says.

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  • “ It’s not even a refusal. You will feel uncomfortable in the environment. We have a corporate culture. We all communicate in Russian, ”said the HR manager.

    Not the sharpest knife in the drawer this Russian lover. Admitting your company breaks Ukrainian law, over the phone to a stranger. Well now she can find a new job, there are plenty of like minded people living in the shithole next door that will employ her. I hope this company give the girl the job after all the shit she went through.

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  • I am a fan of Joseph McCarthey, who was horribly maligned for having the temerity of attempting to root out communist fifth columnists in 1950’s America. History proves he was exactly right. Fifth columnists must be rooted out and locked up; even executed if necessary. When you have a huge, determined, implacable, merciless, fascist power that wants you on your knees, you have to surgically remove all these cancers. Ukraine can’t survive if it keeps allowing putinoids to thrive.
    Obviously the people that own this company can’t be trusted.

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    • The girl didn’t get the job either.

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      • Let’s hope that someone decent hires her and that she continues to speak out against quislings.
        Incidentally, I think this is a growth business: importing used cards from America, then registering and taxing them in Ukraine. Not sure why this exists in Ukraine? Obviously used cars are fetching exorbitant rates in Ukraine; hence this new business. They do it in Georgia too. But again, I don’t understand how this state of affairs came to pass.

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        • onlyfactsplease

          I once wanted to import a used car into Ukraine but gave up due to the high taxes and other hurdles. At a certain age, it becomes almost impossible.

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    • onlyfactsplease

      I agree. But, in this day and age, rooting out leftist liberals would also be important.

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      • Facts; there is a difference between a leftist and a liberal. Leftists are Marxists and therefore hot-wired to destroy the society they inhabit from within. Liberals are different; unlike leftists they believe in freedom. Their pet causes are rubbish of course : warmism, ‘anti-racism’ (often they are quite the reverse), anti-Israel etc. But they are not revolutionaries. On one issue they are quite correct: they believe in the right of a woman to choose what she does with her body. In Britain this matter was settled back in the 1960’s, but in modern America, strangely there are still right-wingers who want to interfere with a woman’s choice.

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        • onlyfactsplease

          I agree with many things that the liberals want but I also disagree to many others. I also don’t appreciate their loud mouths and rudeness when you don’t agree with their over-blown liberalism. One word against faggots, for instance, and it’s like stabbing a hornet’s nest. I almost despise most liberals almost as much as all leftists.

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          • Liberals live in liberal democracies. They always will. It is up to conservatives to defeat them with logic, not with anything else. Besides, like a lot of conservatives, I regard myself as liberal. I want women to be free to make decisions regarding their bodies without interference. I also want drugs to be legalised: the tax revenue would be spectacular. I would give no amnesty to dealers though: I’d have them all shot.
            But Marxist revolutionaries disguised as democratic politicians; such as the bunch of evil hags known as ‘the squad’, I’d have zero tolerance for I’m afraid. Ditto antifa/blm.
            I’d also lock up hard core putlerites operating in media and politics. Top of the list : The Pauls, Alex Jones, Tucker Carlson.

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            • onlyfactsplease

              Well, we agree on many things, I see. But, like I’ve said before, there are many other aspects about liberalism that I simply can’t agree with and never will.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    “On behalf of Columb Auto Trade, we sincerely apologize for these misunderstandings and indignation of Ukrainians. We are a pro-Ukrainian company and do not engage in anti-nationalism…”
    What else should they say than these empty words? Admit being pathetic mafiosi Nazi lovers? That would be the truth, though.

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