The Armed Forces acquired several dozen Ukrainian mobile complexes REB “Bukovel-AD”

REB complex with UAV “Bukovel-AD R4”. Photo: Defense Express

One of the first domestic mobile complexes EW, developed by private companies, which began to be used by the military in the Donbass, continues to be relevant for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The ground forces will continue to purchase these complexes in the coming years.

Since 2015, during which the first model of Bukovel-AD was tested in the combat zone in eastern Ukraine, the complex has been repeatedly improved. Currently, the specialists of Proximus LLC (LLC “PROXIMUS”) have developed the seventh version of this complex.

The REB “Bukovel-AD” complex is mounted on the SUV chassis

The mobile EW system was quite actively purchased by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Currently, we are talking about several dozen such complexes, which are used both at the front line and at test sites for Ukrainian unmanned systems.

Today, the military’s interest in Proximus LLC remains relevant. Thus, in the plans for procurement of EW systems for the needs of the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the next few years, which were announced at the end of 2020 by the Commander of the Land Forces of Ukraine, Colonel-General Oleksandr Syrsky, this complex is present.

Highly mobile complex REB “Bukovel-AD R4”

In addition, Bukovel-AD began to order abroad – in 2019, information was published that it was purchased by the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Morocco and Egypt. Currently, the company’s representatives claim that they are loaded with export orders for the Ukrainian complex until 2022.

Highly mobile complex REB “Bukovel-AD R4”

It will be recalled that this system is designed for early detection of enemy unmanned aerial vehicles and complete blocking of GPS / GLONASS data and control channels (and Galileo and Beidou in the new versions). A key element of this solution is a ground station consisting of detection and control modules. In addition to jamming the GPS and GLONASS control channels, the system also generates a series of false control signals, which significantly increases overall performance.

The complex can “detect” the Russian “Orlan-10” at a distance of 70 to 100 km, UAVs like Bayraktar TB2 – at a distance of 200 km

In the latest versions of “Bukovel-AD R4”, manufacturers declare the range of small UAVs – 70 km and the ability to suppress communication at a distance of up to 20 km. In addition, the complex can be used against other systems.

Bukovel can now work effectively against a wide range of drones. It can also work against communication systems and radars. As the complex can affect the satellite navigation system, it can be used against any equipment or weapon that uses such navigation for adjustment, ”said Valeriy Kryvushkin, Commercial Director of PROXIMUS LLC.

Obstacle station “Prometheus-MF5” at the exhibition “Weapons and Security – 2021”. Photo: Vladislav Hristoforov / NPP

It should be added that a private Ukrainian company did not stop at this development. Thus, at the exhibition “Weapons and Security-2021” was presented an even more powerful system “Prometheus-MF5” , designed to disrupt the control system of troops and weapons, disruption of ground and air reconnaissance, weapons guidance in the tactical zone by creating active radio interference.


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