The Air Force has ordered new Ukrainian light signaling equipment for airfields

The Air Force of Ukraine has ordered new light signaling equipment for its own airfields.

This became known from  the information published  on the monitoring portal of public procurement Dozorro.

The application states the intention of the military unit A0215 to purchase light signal equipment for airfields. Namely: control, safety, signaling and lighting equipment.

We are talking about two sets of light signaling equipment “Photon-KSM-1” (or equivalent) and one set of elements of light signaling equipment “Photon” (or equivalent).

The set of light signaling equipment “Photon-KSM-1” must be mobile and have a deployment and folding time of not more than 6 hours. The composition of the SSO complex must ensure the deployment of light signaling equipment with adjustable lights according to the standard scheme SSP-1 and is designed for a runway with a length of 2500 meters.

Elements of Photon light signaling equipment, namely adjustable landing lights, must be equipped with LED light sources, power cables, couplings, stands for VPR lights and a control panel for state aviation.

The aerodrome light signaling equipment provides visual orientation and directly creates a light signal picture.

When providing flights at night or in difficult weather conditions, lighting equipment provides accurate conclusion of the aircraft to the aerodrome of landing, descent, landing, run on the runway and taxiing to the parking lot. The system allows the pilot to visually see the airfield at a distance of many kilometers.

We remind you that the domestic system of light signaling equipment “Photon” has successfully completed state tests and has already been installed at military airfields. The novelty was also tested at the international exercises “Clear Sky – 2018”, which took place in October 2018.

At that time, foreign colleagues noted the efficiency of the new system, at that time it was the only one in the world made entirely of LED lamps.

The training of cadet pilots for the new equipment has already begun, for which new manuals have been created, which have already been sent to military educational institutions in Kharkiv and Vasylkiv.


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