Russian rowers removed from Tokyo Olympics due to meldonium

The Russian Rowing Federation withdrew its team from the Tokyo Olympics after two rowers were found to have meldonium in doping samples .

Last week, athletes Nikita Morgachev and Pavel Sorin, who qualified for the Olympics, were expelled from the team on suspicion of doping. On July 18, doping tests of B athletes were opened , which confirmed the presence of meldonium.

Together with Morgachev and Sorin, Nikolay Pimenov and Artem Kosov were announced for the competition in the doubles four. The excluded athletes could have been replaced by Nikita Yeskin and Alexander Matveev, but the coaching staff decided that their current level did not reach Olympic standards, according to the website of the International Rowing Federation.

As a result, the team withdrew entirely from the tournament, offering rowers from Lithuania to take their place. The Lithuanian Federation accepted this proposal.

The Olympic Games in Tokyo will be held from July 23 to August 8.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Well, it seems that the whole world is literally packed with gullible idiots. As we’ve said countless times already, always assume guilt for Ruskie athletes instead of the other way around. Banning this band of goons from international sporting events is the best policy to help keep such games clean.

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