Putin’s Dangerous Ukraine Delusions

powervertical · Putin’s Dangerous Ukraine Delusions

Vladimir Putin is obsessed with Ukraine.

Back in 2008, he famously told then US President George W. Bush that it was not even a real country.

In a press conference following his summit with current US President Joe Biden, Putin became visibly animated – indeed almost unhinged – when talking about Ukraine.

And this week, Putin published an essay on the “historical unity” of Russia and Ukraine in which he argued – among other things – that present day Ukraine is an artificial construct of the Soviet era and that Ukrainian sovereignty is only possible in partnership with Russia.

On this week’s Power Vertical Podcast, host Brian Whitmore speaks with James Sherr and Konstantin Eggert about what Putin’s obsession with delegitimizing Ukraine’s statehood tells us about his state of mind and Russian policy toward Ukraine and beyond.

Listen here:

Putin’s Dangerous Ukraine Delusions


  • Who will hear Brian and his guests? Sadly, not Blinken or Biden.
    A learned historical perspective:


    But sadly, even that is not enough. Fight fire with fire. Point out there is no RF, no Russia. Only an area surrounding modern Moscow. All the rest is other people’s land that was invaded, occupied and subjected to genocide and race replacement.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I think that lilli-Putin’s deep hatred for Ukraine has become glaringly pronounced. I believe that the vomit he has ejected lately about Ukraine reflects his utter disappointment of not being able to reach his goals. There is no Neverrossiya, no Donbass republics that the world recognizes and they are far from being self-sufficient, no collapsed Ukrainian government, no water on Crimea, no military victory in sight, no strong pro-Ruskie potential in Ukraine, no more money for an increased effort, no love for mafia land, no love for the runt … there is only failures.
    I hope that the free world sees the dangers of a tinpot dictator slipping into desperation. Lilli-putin is not getting any younger and he might initiate a desperate measure to see success while he still can.
    But, who in the West is wise enough to see this? In this respect, while in search of a capable authority, I am left to glancing across a barren wasteland…

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