Rada adopts Zelensky’s law on national resistance

The Verkhovna Rada has adopted draft law No.5557 “On the foundations of national resistance” in the second reading and as a whole”, – correspondent of OstroV correspondent reports.

313 people’s deputies supported the decision.

The law defines national resistance, territorial defense, resistance, preparation of Ukrainian citizens for national resistance and other related concepts.

The provisions of the adopted document envisage the involvement of broad public of Ukraine, which will help to increase the level of national stability and defense capability of the state in the face of unconventional threats, as well as the consolidation of society, the patriotic education of citizens, the provision of national defense of Ukraine and the readiness of Ukrainian citizens to defend their country.

The bill proposes to define:

– the composition, goals and objectives of national resistance;

– the basics of building, organizing and conducting territorial defense and resistance;

– the procedure for preparing citizens of Ukraine for national resistance;

– the organization of the national resistance management system;

– the procedure for the formation and recruitment of military units of the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, volunteer formations of territorial communities and resistance;

– the powers of the security and defense forces, state bodies and local government bodies on the issues of national resistance;

– the procedure for the preparation, deployment and conduct of the territorial defense of Ukraine;

– financing and material and technical support of national resistance;

– social and legal protection of persons participating in national resistance;

– the responsibility for violation of legislation and other laws and regulations on the issues of national resistance.

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  1. Likely this wouldn’t be necessary if the Budapest Memorandum worked as envisaged. Now instead of having a nuclear deterrent it is necessary to have a national mobilization.

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