“We have enough of our own.” Kremlin – on the absence of foreign vaccines against covid in Russia

There are no foreign vaccines for coronavirus in Russia, as the country has enough drugs of its own production. This was stated by the press secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov.

“We have enough of our own vaccines,” Peskov said when asked why “other vaccines are not allowed into the country”.

The presidential press secretary also disagreed with the opinion that Russians do not have a choice that could become a decisive factor for someone in the question of whether to get vaccinated or not. Peskov stressed that in Russia you can choose from four options.

Four vaccines are registered in Russia – Sputnik V, EpiVacCorona, KoviVak and Sputnik Light. The results of clinical trials were published only by Sputnik V. The EpiVacCorona and KoviVac vaccines are available in extremely limited quantities only in Moscow.

The head of the Ministry of Health, Mikhail Murashko, said in early July that his department had received several applications for registration from manufacturers of foreign vaccines. “There are those who have submitted applications. They are being examined. Accordingly, the solution will be sold, ”Murashko said.

Not a single Russian vaccine has yet been approved by the World Health Organization. This creates difficulties for travel abroad: many countries allow only those vaccinated with WHO-approved vaccines into their territory, or allow such people not to be quarantined.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


  • “We have enough of our own vaccines,” Peskov said when asked why “other vaccines are not allowed into the country”.

    Yeah, but no sane Russian wants to take it, so you are flogging them to every shithole in the world.

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    • Yeah, “their own” vaccines happen to be repackaged and on falsified paperwork claiming other vaccines as Sputnik. The people and the sheeple know. Soon they will be flooding Ukraine for foreign vaccines but for now Ukraine is only 6% vaccinated.

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