Russia saved “DNR/LNR” from defeat in 2014, therefore it has right to manage them at its discretion – Khodakovsky

Creator of the terrorist Vostok Battalion Alexander Khodakovsky has once again admitted that it was the invasion of the regular Russian army in 2014 that saved the “DNR/LNR” from complete defeat. He wrote this on his pages in social networks.

On this basis, in his opinion, Russia has the full moral right to govern the “republics” of Donbas at its own discretion.

“People who are far from the center of decision-making have little understanding of the real state of affairs, therefore, when you say that Russia, in fact, saved us, being under the influence of circumstances – they do not really believe”, – he is indignant.

“But this is so, therefore Russia has many rights in relation to us. It can appoint us a prime minister and deputy prime ministers to control its money, it can appoint us a chairman of the People’s Council, who voted against us in the Rada, when we were already at war – it can do a lot of things, because it saved it, when a couple of weeks more, and we would have been dead meat”, – he confirmed the Kremlin’s right to external control of the occupied Donbas

(c)OSTROV 2014


  • On this basis, in his opinion, Russia has the full moral right to govern the “republics” of Donbas at its own discretion.

    Russia has a right to be sanctioned until they bleed. It would happen too, except for the immoral, spineless EU, that put money over the lives of Ukrainians.

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    • I guess Khodakovsky had an accidental moment of honesty and admitted it was the RuSSian military that “saved” the Donbas from returning to Ukraine. How much more proof do the linguine spines and NATO need to react to this injustice?

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Sane people find it quite impossible to make any sort of sense of such irrational opinions like the Ruskies often let loose. I think it has a lot to do with the vodka that their mothers drink while pregnant.


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