CEC disconnected Russian citizens from broadcasting from polling stations

Russia’s Central Election Commission restricted access to online broadcasts from polling stations in the September elections.

The  presentation , published in the telegram channel of the Central Election Commission of the Russian Federation, said that the broadcasts from the polling stations will be conducted on the service portal, which will be accessible to election commissions of all levels, political parties, candidates and observation centers. Representatives of all parties will be able to stay in 86 observation centers , deputy head of the CEC Nikolai Bulaev told the Zakon news agency.

Online broadcasts will be conducted at 50 thousand polling stations, where more than 80% of voters vote (in total, according to IA “Zakon”, there are about 97 thousand polling stations in Russia ). The broadcasts will go on for three days – from 17 to 19 September, they will also be broadcasted for two nights. From 20:00 on September 19, broadcasts will be conducted from the territorial election commissions.https://t.me/zakon_agency/3648?embed=1

The CEC will keep video recordings of the broadcasts for at least one year, the materials of the commission say. The records will be able to see political parties (any records of territorial and precinct election commissions will be available to them), registered candidates (only records from polling stations in a single-mandate constituency) and other participants in the electoral process (only records from the polling stations where they were located).

In past years, access to online broadcasts from polling stations was public. In addition to the service portal, there was a broadcast portal that was in the public domain, according to the CEC documents from 2017. At the same time, as Vasily Vaisenberg, an expert from Golos, told Meduza, it was practically impossible to get the recordings of the broadcasts after the vote.

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