The Moscow Department of Health said that the price of vaccinations for migrants at the Sadovod shopping center did not increase

Moscow. July, 12. INTERFAX.RU – The cost of vaccination against coronavirus for foreign citizens in the Sadovod shopping mall (TC) has remained the same, the Moscow health department told Interfax.

“Information that the organization (TC” Sadovod “) takes a payment from its employees above the established 1,300 rubles, the health department did not receive,” – said in a statement on Monday.MOSCOWJune 28, 2021

Earlier, the media reported that the vaccination point for foreigners in the Sadovod shopping center stopped working and the vaccination of migrants is being carried out in a private organization. The cost of vaccination in it, according to media reports, is 2 thousand rubles.

The department noted that the vaccination point at the Sadovod shopping center vaccinates legal entities, that is, collectives of foreign workers. The number of medical teams there is in line with the current demand for vaccinations.

As clarified in the Department of Health, this vaccination point is in demand among organizations located in or near the Gardener. An agreement is concluded with employers, under which they either pay for the vaccination of foreign workers themselves, or collect and transfer funds.

“Such agreements have been concluded with a number of organizations, including an organization representing the TK Sadovod itself,” the department noted.


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