In Moscow, they began to suspend metro employees and tram drivers who refused vaccinations. They are going to sue

The interregional trade union of public transport workers will file class actions against the Moscow metro and Mosgortrans. The chairman of the trade union Yuri Dashkov said this at a round table of the Communist Party in the State Duma, according to Open Media.

The reason for the lawsuits was that unvaccinated employees of the Moscow metro and tram drivers were dismissed from work without paying for the missed days. We are talking about those employees who refused to sign a commitment to vaccination in one of the annexes to the employment contract.

According to Dashkova, only 10 people turned to their trade union for help. “In fact, there are more of them, although they were only going to remove them from 15th [July],” Dashkov told Open Media.

The head of the trade union wrote a letter to the Communist Party of the Russian Federation with a request to assist in the “restoration of violated rights” of workers of the metro and tram lines. In the letter, he said that the transport workers had already begun to discuss the strike. The Communist Party said that the party will support the suspended workers.

Nikolai Gostev, head of the independent trade union of the Moscow Metro State Unitary Enterprise, told Open Media that four unvaccinated metro employees had asked them for help, who were suspended from work without pay. One of them could not be vaccinated due to contraindications, the rest refused of their own free will. They all want to sue their employer, Gostev said.

Since mid-June , Moscow and another 27 regions of Russia have introduced compulsory vaccinations for workers in certain areas . The term for inoculation with the first component of the vaccine is July 15–31.

In Moscow, employers  were allowed to  suspend unvaccinated employees from work. The Kremlin  said that people without coronavirus immunity “will not be able to work in all areas.”

According to a survey of the Superjob service, the results of which were published by RBC on July 13 , 11% of Russians were faced with refusals in hiring due to lack of vaccination against coronavirus.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


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