“I urged Putin to send troops”: the main Russian Nazi – about Mussolini, Limonov, the USSR and the war in eastern Ukraine

Dumskaya’s special correspondent Dmitry Zhogov managed to talk with the main Nazi of Russia (if not to count as one of Putin) – the head of the very well-known organization Russian National Unity, Alexander Barkashov, who terribly frightened the inhabitants of this vast country a quarter of a century ago.

Now he rarely appears in public. Leads a monastic life: Alexander is a monk of one of the non-canonical Orthodox churches. However, Barkashov openly supported the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine and even took part in it. One of his former associates, Pavel Gubarev, became for some time the leader of the terrorist organization “DPR”. Be that as it may, our interlocutor is a person, no doubt, interesting. Moreover, the current Russian leadership, without hesitation, appropriated and passed off many of his ideas, which until recently seemed marginal, as their own.

The first evening, when the heavenly abyss does not open. Lightning does not cross the sky. I am sitting in an open cafe. A wicker chair still wet from the rain. I am typing on a laptop and drinking coffee.

Nearby, the guys skate through the puddles. The ginger cat watches the pigeons. They coo loudly. Peaceful mood. Calm down. Plays the blues softly. I print an essay for “Dumskaya”, I grump with salty cookies and look at my group “Museum Sovka”. I’m the admin in it. What is this group, you ask?

These are collections of facts about life in the USSR without embellishment, without nostalgia. I consider this to be of paramount importance, because the return of the scoop is quite possible now. In 2014, this disease affected only part of our country. As a result, some regions were captured by the enemy. Now there children wear red ties, and their lives are painfully reminiscent of our childhood (only worse). It is almost impossible to get out of any “holes” into the big world, Europe or the United States. But Odessa was two steps away from the revival of the scoop – with the General Orthodox Secretary Valery Kaurov at the head. Remember this one? In-in … In general, my task is not to kick a dead lion, but not to let the vile ghoul come out of the coffin.

The group is Ukrainian, but with an eye also on the Russian audience. For them, we have specially created the “Vkontakte” section. Yes, I think this is necessary, this is counter-propaganda. We have peace and quiet on Facebook. Once or twice a month, a stoned sovkodrocher or an imperial appears, who begins to row and be rude there, for which he is harshly banned. Basically, by the way, for the mate. In “kontaktics” this has to be done daily. There, truly I tell you, a real portal to hell has opened. Russian, of course. Sharikovs, anti-Semites, quilted jackets, scoops walk in herds. Such characters that the head is spinning! Eh, the outstanding Odessa psychiatrist Valery Bitensky died at the wrong time … I am sure that he would have written a whole monograph based on the material of this group.

But, you know, over time I got used to them. Although I still amuse myself with the hope that one of my posts will bring the quilted jacket to apoplectic stroke.

Okay, God bless them. Let’s go back to the beginning. I’m sitting in a cafe. I drink coffee. I listen to the blues. I am idly looking through comments in the Russian group. And suddenly … I see the phrase: “I am a Russian fascist.” And the signature – “Alexander Barkashov”. Really, the same one?

Immediately, a picture emerged from the depths of my memory. Mid nineties. I was doing a report then about the Odessa ninjutsu club. “Ninja”, in ordinary life, ordinary workers and employees, jumped in black masks in garages, threw bombs to hide behind clouds of smoke, and stuck shurikens into trees. In the middle of another workout, two unkempt men with tousled beards entered the gym. They laid out on the bench stacks of newspapers “Russian Order” and, it seems, “Russian Thought”. I noticed a stylized swastika on both newspapers.

– Barkashovites, – said one of the “ninjas” indifferently. – They’re screwing up. Like a priest of Kozlevich.

I once again looked at the “fascists” battered by life and involuntarily shuddered.

I heard that the Russian “Barkashovites”, as they called themselves by the name of the leader, threw ridges and very successfully then, in the 90s, swarmed and multiplied on the territory of the Russian Federation. However, they have always interested me little, as well as anti-Semites from the Pamyat society, as well as other skinheads, Lyuber and Limonovites. You never know what kind of evil spirits they have there, in Muscovy, found?

From time to time these comrades appeared with us, but quickly disappeared. And so, in the year from Christmas 2021, Alexander Barkashov himself appeared in my group, the main Russian either a fascist or a Nazi. I checked, including through the “Peacemaker” – I did it myself. After all, the troll could have written some nonsense. Looking at photographs. A wiry grandfather, rather cheerfully drinks moonshine and eats bacon under the flag of the American Confederation (with the light hand of the well-known Odessa citizens Yuri Tkachev and Alexander Vasilyev, Russian militants in the east use it). Here he is with a machine gun, here on armor, here with some guys in camouflage. Exactly he. I look at what he writes in our group (spelling and punctuation are copyright):

“Yes, I’m a fascist)). I am a Russian Orthodox fascist)). For me this is not an insult, for me it is HONORABLE)) “.

Then I find out that he is in the group for a reason. Say, also against the scoop. The grandfather also boasts of his physical and intellectual strength. I placed commas in his text and shortened it a little:

“Even during the USSR, he openly and publicly criticized Gorbachev, for which he wanted to jail me, but his jail was small. Also, unlike many of you, I was openly against Putin from the very beginning. Publicly opposed him. As for the mind, I created the most famous Russian nationalist organization more than 30 years ago, back in the USSR, and it still exists, I still manage it. To create such an organization under many unfavorable conditions and with constant opposition, you need to have VERY GREAT ORGANIZING ABILITIES. Not just big, but VERY LARGE. And such abilities can be obtained only with a high level of mind and intellect. “

I frown slightly from the peacock’s tail fluffed up by the Russian Nazi-fascist. I look at what colleagues write about him: “RNU was created by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. Despite its fascist reputation and participation in the conflict in 1993, it received the right to create a network of private security companies (private security companies, in fact – legalized gangs – Ed.) And access to weapons, which was absolutely impossible without the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. ” Uh-huh, that means with the highest permission. I’m starting up a conversation.

– I understand that you choose Mussolini’s fascism?

– Dmitry, you offend me, what Mussolini? – Barkashov immediately joins in the discussion. – The one who played the violin out of frustration, instead of hanging the traitors? Not. I respect Adolf Aloizovich.

I am careful not to argue about whether Hitler was a fascist or a Nazi. From Barkashov’s notes on his pages, I see that he was in the Donbass, where he participated in the murders of Ukrainians. I contacted the editor-in-chief and asked: “Do I need an interview with this … hmmm … shot? I’m wondering what the Russian Nazis have forgotten in Ukraine ”. The editor thought, then chuckled:

– Do you want to talk to him. An interesting grandfather.


I’ll warn you right away. This interview will be unpleasant for many to read, but it was very difficult for me to write it. But nevertheless, it is important, because Barkashov is not just another Russian who dared to raise arms against Ukraine. Their darkness and darkness, and thousands have already fertilized the Ukrainian land. However, this character is interesting to others. He is an ideologist, and not at all an ordinary one. Despite the fact that the Russian state officially ranked RNU among the host of extremist organizations, a lot of the dubious legacy of my interlocutor has long been taken into service by Moscow and is being used against us and other free peoples.

In fact, this is not an interview in the true sense of the word. Just a conversation between two people from different worlds, one of whom wants to sit comfortably and peacefully in a cafe after the rain, listen to the cooing of pigeons and watch the guys on skateboards, and the other wants murder and destruction.

– To be honest, Alexander thought that you gave your soul to God for a long time, – the reader, I think, will forgive me for my bad tone. – I do not fully believe the happiness that has fallen on me to communicate with the first and main fascist of post-Soviet Russia. Don’t you like the scoop too? Indeed?

– I am an anti-Soviet with Soviet experience. I was in the well-known society “Memory” from 1985 to 1990, was one of the leaders there. Actually, Dmitry Vasiliev and I turned Pamyat from a mournful soviet into a Russian nationalist and, of course, an anti-Soviet organization. And how can a Russian Orthodox nationalist not be anti-Soviet, knowing what the communists have done to Russia and the Russian people?

Barkashov immediately made contact. While I corresponded with him, I was looking for traces of his stay in Ukraine. According to media reports, he was there himself, and his son almost died. According to the head of the RNU, Ukrainian troops covered their column with heavy fire, as a result of which 88 of the three hundred militants died within 10-15 minutes. Barkashov’s son was also in that column. A few days after that, the Russians decided to take revenge on the Armed Forces of Ukraine and fired at two brigades from Hurricanes.


He hasn’t been interviewed for a long time. Even in Russia, he is persona non grata for the media. Apparently, therefore, he is quite talkative. A poser, no doubt. However, after showing off, he suddenly becomes suspicious. Asks if I am a Jew. He tries to hook in the conversation. Offend.

“I’m an anti-Semite,” Barkashov admits. – But my claims to the Jews are not of an everyday nature.

And immediately he throws a picture with the phrase of St. Theophan of Poltava: “Good and bad of the Jews are all enemies of Christ. Some consciously, others unconsciously. “

I try not to give vent to emotions. I regard him as a laboratory assistant a dissected frog, from which a foul-smelling intestine is pulled with tweezers. But one of the members of the group can not stand it, explodes and begins to fire a fascist for nothing.

He quickly responds to criticism:

– Have you ever broken your forearms and lower legs with 20mm steel reinforcement, dressed in a plastic tube? If not, then it is fixable. My comrades-in-arms mutilated people and for lesser insults addressed to me!

Here is such a grandfather.


– You say that the Jews are the enemies of Christ. As far as I understand, you have a similar attitude to Muslims, Buddhists and others. But tell me, why did you go to fight in Donbass? I’m trying to figure it out, but honestly I can’t. One Russian, entered in the base of “Peacemaker” and also joined this group, answered the same question: “We went to fight against Ukrainian fascism!” How so? You, the fascists, went to fight “Ukrainian fascism”, the “junta”? For the bright ideas of communism, so that Donetsk could be renamed Stalino once a year?

– Dmitry, you perfectly understand that there are no Ukrainian fascists, just as there are no Ukrainian nationalists! Because there is no such nation and there is no such people. It is a rabble that is united only by hatred of the Muscovites, that is, of the Russians. We went to fight because this rabble, calling themselves Ukrainians, began to kill Russians. Well, at least in the same Odessa. You should be aware, you are from there. For such things it is necessary to punish and punish severely, I would even say, cruelly. And what happened is REGULARITY. Back in 1991, I watched the “Ukrainian nationalists”. Within the framework of the Slavic Council, I was familiar with them, in particular with Dmitry Korchinsky. I received their newspapers and other propaganda materials, and even then I realized that the main core of their “ideology” is hatred of Russians (Muscovites). And I want to note that this is not us, and long before 2014 they rode and shouted: “Muscovites for knives.” We do not do this even now. But they themselves consistently went into confrontation with the Russians and came to the conclusion that they began to kill them. We came to Donbass to punish them, and we punished them. But that’s not all. Ukraine will not be!

I am sure that Barkashov, drumming on the keys, extended his jaw, like Mussolini, and sometimes crossed his arms. Probably looked in the mirror – here, they say, what a handsome man I am!

– But still. Let’s get something rational. For example, on what conditions could Ukraine and Russia coexist peacefully in your opinion? As separate states.

– This is from the field of unscientific fiction.

Fascists in Grozny

Barkashov does not calm down and continues to sketch:

– Your Ukrainians went to fight for the Chechens to kill Russians. Well, now the answer has come. And that’s not the whole answer. The main thing is still ahead of you.

– But you know very well that Ukraine has never sent regular troops and equipment to Chechnya, did not try to occupy the territory of the Russian Federation, as you did. She did not attack without declaring war. We are talking about a certain number of volunteers – several dozen. Many thousands have arrived from Russia to Ukraine. And not only from Russia. There were “dogs of war” from the USA and Great Britain, from France and Spain, from Serbia and Armenia. So, according to your logic, should we declare war on all these countries? I ask a counter question: how many Ukrainians fought in Chechnya? Were they volunteers or the regular army? Did they have Ukrainian weapons and military equipment?

– I didn’t. But if the Chechens were sometimes taken prisoner there, the Ukrainians were not taken, – he proudly shows a photograph of an APC near a bullet-riddled stele with the inscription: “Grozny.” – Do you see our emblems above the name of the city?

There, indeed, stylized swastikas-kolovratas are drawn. I understand that he would go to kill in Ukraine, regardless of whether the Ukrainians supported the Chechens or not.


“Yes, death!” – this is a romantic revolutionary slogan shouted by the National Bolsheviks-Limonovites. In Odessa, there was a trial over the National Bolshevik, who launched a condom with brilliant green in the dressing room of the pro-Russian TV channel ATV. The National Bolsheviks were closed. He was in the Odessa jail. Then, however, they released him, and he left for Europe as a refugee. I saw and communicated with the mother tortured by his revolutionary attempts. She complained about the restless son. Now it will float to the island, given to the Chinese, or it will be fired at someone with brilliant green. Now against Putin, then for Putin. Another leader appeared, be it Limonov or Barkashov or some other Maria Devi Christ, and the young guys went to prison and to death. A generation that wanted to play a real war game? Paintball players and reenactors, fans of computer shooters, who wanted more?

I ask Alexander:

– Did your comrades-in-arms die? Did you feel responsible for their death? Limonov, when NBPshnikov was killed, in my opinion, was even proud. What is a leader without sacrifices in the name of an idea?

– In Donbass, there were no losses among my own. And do not compare me with the fagot Limonov. This is a shocking writer who ALWAYS substituted his people, just to remind about himself personally. I have one city organization more than their entire NBP. They generally died in wars. And in Chechnya, and in 1993 at the White House. War is war. Well, people also know where I am calling them. Anyone can refuse.


I ask the failed “Fuhrer”:

– Is it possible to build Russia as a nation state? Is it fraught with loss of territory and civil war?

– Russia is possible only as a nation state. There is no Russia now. Now Erefia, a miserable miscarriage of the dead USSR. Both the USSR and RFiya are anti-Russia. As for the civil war, it is already on the doorstep. And it became inevitable precisely thanks to the rule of Putin and his stupid and incompetent company of former communes and Komsomol agents. They created all the prerequisites for the inevitability of a civil war: social, ethnic and political. But Ukrainians may not be happy about this, the same thing awaits them. And in general, a fierce pi … ets is coming in the world, everyone will get it. I have many friends in the United States, and they are certainly not black lesbians. These are white Americans, they already believe that the United States has entered the initial phase of the civil war. If we talk about territorial losses, then of course there will be. Everyone has


I feel dreary. I looked around. Quiet. The skateboarders drove off. The pigeons were scared away by the cat and he gave a runaway. Suddenly pulled by the sea air. And again it began to drizzle. I thought with horror, but my city could become completely different. If the patriots had not won on May 2, 2014, the same Barkashov could have come here. For example, the commandant of the city. The port is closed, with rusty rails, on which nothing travels. Curfew, like in Donetsk. Sandbags. Orthodox patrols around the city. Closed sailor, closed “Seventh” has nowhere to carry goods. Border is locked tight. Closed, boarded up empty city. And banners with a mustachioed muzzle of Barkashov. He would have crushed the “President of the ONR” Kaurov. I would have thrown it into the basement.

I continued typing:

– Odessa is a sea city. Multinational. There is a mosque and synagogues. There are no interethnic conflicts. In the evening you go out, sit in an open cafe with a laptop and it seems that you are in Europe. How do you see an ideal state? Like Orwell’s, if you want an image of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a man’s face. Do you think that Orthodox fascism is somehow different in this from communism?

– Dmitry, I was in Odessa, but I did not see her, it happened. If Putin had not been scared in 2014, we would have taken Mariupol, Odessa, and much more. Moscow also has mosques and synagogues, but this is not good. And in multinationality there is nothing good, this is SOVOK. Of course, Orthodox fundamentalism is different from communism, they are DIRECTLY OPPOSITE IN EVERYTHING. What was wrong in the Orthodox Russian Empire, where even every Jew could accept Orthodoxy, learn, curry favor and receive a noble dignity, as Lenin’s grandfather Alexander Blank did?

Further, conspiracy theories and fierce delirium poured from Barkashov.

I even began to doubt whether it is worth spreading it? An inadequate person! But! It was he who decided the fate of Donetsk. In any case, he led the notorious “referendum”.


I type again:

– The SBU has made public the interception of your telephone conversation with “the commander of the Russian Orthodox Army Dmitry Boytsov.” In a conversation, Boytsov, in despair, almost shouts that the referendum in Donetsk on May 11 will fail. And you answer that it is not necessary to carry out, it is enough just … to “draw” the results.

On the recording you can hear:

“I am canceling … on the 11th of the referendum, because it will not be held. It will be impossible to legally conduct it, it is simply impossible – as long as these … are here. “

“Yes, you shove anything you want – write that 99 percent … What are you, will you, like children, walk … and collect these pieces of paper? E … or what? “

You then wrote on your page: “Our brothers and comrades-in-arms from Donetsk just called. Donetsk is surrounded. The Kiev junta concentrated a large military grouping for the assault on Donetsk. More than 300 units of armored vehicles … Our brothers in Donetsk no longer hope for help from Russia, or rather the Kremlin. “

“In short, we have here near Donetsk, 150 kilometers, there are 300 units, an echelon, in short, of military equipment, n…! Troopers are landing in Donetsk …! Donetsk will not stand …! If … we are not helped, well, if Russia does not enter, then everything is for us …! ” – your Donetsk interlocutor says on the record.

In addition, you say in a conversation: “I was the first to write an appeal to the president.” Indeed, on May 2, they published an appeal to President Putin to send troops to Ukraine.

So you asked Putin to “Enter” or not?

– Dmitry, I did not ask him, I convinced him. But he didn’t. This entry also contains the fact that I called for a referendum after Putin called not to hold it. Frightened by the threats of the Swiss president to seize their financial accounts. So the referendum was held or not? Whom did you listen to – Putin or me? To demand is not to ask. Putin did not listen, and as a result, his support rating now tends to zero. And this is largely because of his cowardice about the Donbass. Do not worry, Putin will leave, others will come, they will not bother with you!

– One of the first leaders of the so-called “DPR” Pavel Gubarev, according to media reports, was a member of your movement.

– Yes, when I was young.

– He looks like a mentally retarded …

– No, of course, we do not accept such people at RNU.

This was the end of our conversation.

You can say as much as you like that these people are crazy, that they should not be remembered, and even less talked with them. That this, after all, is an old man who is out of his mind and violently nostalgic for his fascist past, when he and his comrades-in-arms zigged at the White House. But this is an ostrich approach – to hide your head. The fact that you do not see them, they will not disappear.

I do not know if it is true that Barkashov and his associates are a product of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or the FSB. Perhaps the Russian authorities are keeping them on a leash in order to set them on the unwanted. But in any case, they like drill and parade ground. To smell like gunpowder, death and footcloths. Where they are, there is death and war.

The waitress, a sweet girl, came up with a little restless smile and said: “You would go inside.” And then there was a bang, so much so that the windows trembled and the car alarms began to howl. I jumped up. No, not shelling. It’s just a thunderstorm.

Author – Dmitry Zhogov



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