A ship and boat service complex will be created for the Marine Guard in Odessa

Ship of the Marine Guard BG-62 “Podillya”, project 205P, code “Tarantula”

The Marine Guard of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine will receive a complex of ship and boat service in Odessa.

According  to the  State Border Guard Service, the design of a large-scale complex of bases and maintenance of ship-boat composition, diving and assault training in Odessa has begun.

In addition, the expansion of the capabilities of maritime border guards is mentioned.

Photo: Fleet 2017

In particular, it is about the deployment of the Marine Guard Division in Skadovsk. Work is underway to equip new modern bases in Mariupol and Berdyansk. Also, the training of the first two crews of the new OCEA ships has been formed and is underway, which is expected to be received in six months.

The first objects of the Marine Guard base in Berdyansk. Photo: SBGS

We will remind, earlier we reported that in Berdyansk the first objects for  base of Marine protection were constructed .

This facility is created according to the standards of the Coast Guard of the world’s leading countries in the framework of an international project to build the capacity of maritime border security.


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