Watch: The CCP’s 100-year murderous legacy is nothing to celebrate

There was plenty the Chinese Communist Party didn’t mention during its lavish anniversary celebrations.

The CCP’s 100 years in power has been a story of genocide, famine and oppression. It is certainly nothing to celebrate, argues the Henry Jackson Society’s Gray Sergeant. Watch the video:


  • onlyfactsplease

    Like any other dictatorship, the power of the CCP is based on fear. Fear is the common denominator to help keep the shit nuggets in charge. Bat virus land, being one of the trashiest countries in the world, assures that this fear is kept very much alive, in particular, its use of technology in the form of millions and millions of surveillance cameras will help it to induce more fear. Maybe not even the toilet will be safe from being watched. It is becoming exactly like George Orwell’s 1984.
    No, fear is not a reason to celebrate but those in charge will celebrate and tell the people what a shining example of a great country it is. Word should spread far and wide, across the globe, about what a fucked up country bat virus land really is and how dangerous it is.

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  • It’s come to my attention that the article is behind a paywall. Here is the video. It’s only 5 minutes long but it packs a punch. :-

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  • Like the putlerstanis, chicoms are absurdly nationalistic. Nationalism + socialism = naziism.

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