Jazz rhythms and military marches: naval bands of Ukraine and the United States played music together near the Vorontsovskaya Colonnade

Musical collectives of the naval forces of the countries participating in the Sea Breeze international exercises continue to delight the citizens of Odessa with their joint concerts.

Tonight, the Orchestra of the Center for Military Music of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the combo-jazz quintet of the United States Sixth Fleet performed at the Vorontsov Colonnade on Primorsky Boulevard.

According to Maxim Kolyushka, conductor of the Center for Military Music of the Ukrainian Navy, the idea of ​​joint concerts came from the Ukrainian side.

“A month ago, at our request, a representative of their orchestra came to us, we approved the program of performances, the repertoire and began to prepare,” said Maxim Kolyushok.

The honor to open the concert fell to the American band, which performed jazz compositions. Odessa audience received foreign jazzmen with a bang.

As the chief musician of the US Sixth Fleet, Joel Packer, told “Dumskaya”, two musical groups arrived in Odessa at once – a jazz combo orchestra, where Joel himself plays, and a brass quintet.

“I really like the idea of ​​a joint performance,” the American sailor shared his impressions. “I see that the audience likes what we are doing, they have fun with us, they dance.”

Especially for the performance in Odessa, the American quintet learned the anthem of our city “By the Black Sea”. The Americans will show it to the public tomorrow. The joint concert will take place on the Shell stage in Shevchenko Park at 19:00.

Photo – Alexander Gimanov


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