Germany to help Ukraine with reforms, but still does not see it in NATO

Germany to help Ukraine with reforms, but still does not see it in NATO

10.07.2021 14:55

Germany does not see the possibility of Ukraine’s joining NATO in the short term, but it is helping the Ukrainian army carry out the necessary reforms, according to Detlef Wachter, the head of the Department of Politics at the German Defense Ministry.

He said this during a discussion organized by the German Atlantic Society.

“We are working with our Ukrainian friends and partners to implement the necessary reforms, to create conditions in order [for Ukraine] to get closer to the [Membership Action] Plan. This includes defense reform which Germany and NATO help carry out. […] But now we do not see that the issue of the MAP – the process of candidate countries preparing for membership (it can take a very long time – 10-12 years) – is currently on the agenda,” Wachter said.

He said that he would not like to name any deadlines for Ukraine’s accession to the North Atlantic Alliance. At the same time, he reiterated the position of the federal government, which “constantly repeats that there are currently no grounds for this, so it does not make false, too big promises.”



  • Putler lackey scum acting to orders as usual.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    This has got to be a joke. The feminized country Germany wants to help Ukraine’s military with reforms? What reforms can Germany provide? How to ruin the military? The first step for that is to have a female gynecologist without any military experience become the defense secretary as the krauts did. Then, everything else can go downhill from there and mafia land will have an easier time with Ukraine’s army. Thanks, but no thanks and go to hell!

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