The United States is threatening to take action against REvil hackers if Russia does not do so on its own

Authors: MediaSapiens

US cybersecurity experts say the REvil group operates from Russia.

The United States could take action against the criminal hacking group REvil if Russia does not do so on its own. This was stated at a briefing by   White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki.

“If the Russian leadership is unable or unwilling to counter the criminal elements living in Russia, we will act, ” she said.

According to Jen Psaki, the President of the United States receives updates almost daily from the team working on this issue. At the same time, the United States is in contact with Russian officials on this issue.

“It simply came to our notice then. And although the intelligence community has not yet confirmed the authorship of the attack, and we still do not have new information about it, our cyber community agrees that the criminal group REvil works with Russia with branches around the world, “ – added the White House spokeswoman.

Earlier, the hacker group  REvil stole “very personal and spicy” information from Michael Polska  – a billionaire, head of the American company Invenergy, who once emigrated from Ukraine to the United States. 

Also REvil, according to the US FBI, is  involved in the attack on the world’s largest meat producer  – the Brazilian company JBS. The company was forced to pay a $ 11 million ransom to unlock the work  .

REvil developers mostly communicate in Russian, and also do not carry out cyberattacks in Russian-speaking countries. In two years, they carried out at least 237 cyberattacks. 




  • “If the Russian leadership is unable or unwilling to counter the criminal elements living in Russia, we will act, ” she said.

    Sorry but this is BS. You don’t threaten Russia, just go out and hammer the bastards with everything you have. Have you learned nothing in all the years Putler has attacked the West? What next, another scenario were the POTUS asks Putler if he has taken action, and then believing him over your own officials?

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  • Surely the US must know that Russian criminals are just another branch of govt?
    They are total fucking idiots if they don’t.
    The clue is in the fucking name!

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    • The way I see it, whether they are controlled by the Kremlin or not, you attack the Kremlin with a hacking attack from hell. I believe these attacks on the West would stop pretty sharpish.

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      • If the seppos won’t do it, who will?!
        Hit them with attack after attack and say it’s some unknown gang!

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        • The tiny poisoner would have the world believe that the Russian government is a wonderful, helpful and democratic institution bent on helping the world. But there are adventurous elements in Russia that are fighting American hegemony and imperialism and are good forces with cultural ties to Russia. Then he can defend both ways and both have good intentions. We know there is nothing between the Kremlin and these hackers, mercenaries, dopers, criminals, little green men or the mafia, they all work for Hitler 2.0.

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          • That’s why he keeps trying to “help” the US fight cyberattacks, on an equal basis of course. Meaning looks at us, we are fighting crime, we are equal to the US, and have been recognised as a superpower.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I am truly sick of our representatives saying “if” when it comes to something mafia land is responsible for or pretending that it was another entity not remotely connected with the crime syndicate!
    Dammit! Hammer the cretins with potent concentrated sanctions until their eyes are bleeding.

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