The Lasertag system was purchased for the units of the Operational Command “North”

Ukrainian Lasertag system

A complete set of the domestic Lasertag system was purchased to train the personnel of the military units of the Operational Command “North”.

Transmits the  National Industrial Portal  with reference to the  UMP .

A complete set of equipment that allows to provide two platoons – personal kits for servicemen, armored vehicles, simulators of explosive devices, artillery guns – cost almost 20 million hryvnias. The purchased system can be used by all divisions of OK “North”. In addition, the equipment is mobile, so it is possible to move it to different landfills.

It is noted that the use of Lasertag during combat training activities allows you to develop leadership skills, teamwork and improve weapons skills of servicemen who are on the battlefield. One thing – training shooting at static targets, and another – practicing fire training in the dynamics.

Archers, snipers, tankers, artillery and mortar units, military engineers, anti-aircraft gunners and others can interact simultaneously in one training scenario.

For a more complete immersion in the scenario of the training battle and increase the efficiency of the training process, laser simulators can also be added, which simulate the work of the assigned units. The personal statistics of each fighter who takes part in the training are recorded and displayed in the software. You can track the indicators in real time or analyze the effectiveness at the end of training. Displays information about the number of shots fired, hits on the enemy, the movement of fighters and other parameters that have been set for a particular combat mission.


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