Taliban delegation arrives in Moscow

A delegation of the political office of the Taliban movement, officially recognized as a terrorist organization, whose activities are prohibited in Russia, is visiting Moscow.

An informed source told Interfax about this , without specifying the purpose and program of the delegation’s visit.

Representatives of the Taliban arrived in Moscow against the backdrop of an offensive by their forces against government forces in Afghanistan. In Afghanistan, the Taliban stepped up fighting after the United States began to withdraw its troops from the country.

Servicemen of government forces, in particular, are retreating to the territory of Tajikistan, where the 201st Russian military base is located – Russia’s largest military facility outside its borders. On July 5, Russian President Vladimir Putin promised assistance to Tajikistan in connection with the aggravation on the border in Afghanistan.

In Moscow in 2018, consultations were already held with the participation of representatives of the Taliban.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


  • One degenerate, savage murder gang meeting up with another of the same ilk.

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    • America left. They need more weapons to ‘liberate’ the last parts of Afghanistan. Last month Hamas asked for more weapons,they run out of them in the last little war with Israel. Hezbollah will arrive soon in Moscow as well, no doubt.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    One terrorist organization visiting another terrorist organization. There is a reason why the world’s terrorists are almost exclusively armed with Ruskie weapons.

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