More than 300 tons of concrete and 60 tons of steel: a pier is being reconstructed at a record pace in Mariupol yacht club

In Mariupol, active work is underway to reconstruct the western part of the pier. Employees of the Metinvest-Promservice repair company reinforced the load-bearing structures and laid concrete at a record pace.

The progress of work was inspected today by the mayor of Mariupol Vadim Boychenko and representatives of the municipality.

The mayor noted that the workers have already used more than 300 tons of concrete and 60 tons of steel for the reconstruction. Deputy Mayor Alexander Kochurin added that the contractor Metinvest-Promservice is working at an accelerated pace, taking into account the experience of the last year.

“We are implementing the second part of the pier – a project started and loved by residents last year. We will apply the railings on the right side and on the conditional “tongue”. On the left side, we do not put the railings so that yachts will moor in the future and can be serviced without hindrance. The part adjacent to the pier will be equipped as a recreation area. There will be outdoor furniture, gazebos, and a FEM. There will also be small green areas. Everything will be implemented this year, ”said Alexander Kochurin.

He also noted that in the future a terrace board will be laid on the pier. This and other materials have already been delivered to the site. In general, the work will adhere to the design of the already restored part of the pier.

In addition, a stationary bathroom will appear near the renovated pier.

“We are also purchasing a bathroom. The flow of people is crazy, in a good sense of the word. There will be a full-fledged modern serviced bathroom for residents. It will also appear in the next month and a half, ”said Alexander Kochurin.

The leading engineer of the Metinvest-Promservice enterprise, Vladimir Kostrikov, said that sulfate-resistant concrete was used to strengthen the foundation of the western part of the pier. Taking into account the conditions on the sea coast, it can lie for 20-25 years.

The municipality plans for the future – to reconstruct the building of the yacht club and equip a drawbridge from the east to the west of the pier.

“This year we are preparing a project for the arrangement of the area, for the complete dismantling of this building with the subsequent construction of a structure for the full service of the yacht club and other institutions and establishments. We would like to use modern modules for the building, ”said Alexander Kochurin.

And the deputy mayor Sergei Zakharov noted that there are already four proposals on how a drawbridge from one part of the pier to another might look like.

“There are two tasks. The first and most important thing is to ensure the safety of the passage. This is a challenging engineering challenge. The second task is to make this bridge liftable. So that we do not close the access to the bay for yachtsmen. Within the framework of these tasks, there are already several solutions, ”said Vadim Boychenko.

The mayor also thanked the contractor Metinvest-Promservice for quick and high-quality work. In addition, he set the task to complete the reconstruction of the facility before the Independence Day of Ukraine – August 24.

As a reminder, last year for the City Day, with the support of Metinvest Group , the left side of the city pier, which had been in disrepair for a long time, was reconstructed .

Earlier it was reported that within the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed with the city, Metinvest Group allocated funding under the More Than Steel program. Partner assistance in repairs is provided by the Ilyich Iron and Steel Works and the Metinvest-Promservice repair company. The total cost of the reconstruction will be about UAH 14 million.


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