It’s more important for Lukashenko to close TV channels than borders – Fesenko on the ban on broadcasting of the TV channel UA in Belarus

It is important for Alexander Lukashenko to drown out any voice of freedom that comes to the country from Ukraine. Speaking to the DOM TV political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko commented on the ban on broadcasting of the Ukrainian foreign broadcasting channel “UA” in Belarus, DOM TV reports.

“I am not surprised by this decision. Lukashenko is fighting those who advocate the democratization of Belarus. He is fighting the Belarusian opposition. And for him any voice of freedom that comes, including from Ukraine through the media, is a threat. Therefore, it is more important for him to close the channels of freedom of speech, but not just close the borders” – the political analyst said.

Fesenko added that Russia is using the tense relations between Kyiv and Minsk in his own interests.

“Unfortunately, this is the reality of the Belarusian situation. And now Moscow is blackmailing Lukashenko, calling him to come to Crimea. And this will be just the “red line” for relations between Ukraine and Belarus” – he added.

Earlier, the Ministry of Information of the Republic of Belarus has banned broadcasting of 2 Ukrainian TV channels on the territory of the country, including the Ukrainian foreign broadcasting channel “UA”.

The ministry said in a statement that an advertisement was found on the air of Ukrainian TV programs that was not declared when receiving broadcasting permits. The State Enterprise, which includes the “UA” TV channel, regarded the broadcasting ban as an attempt by the Lukashenko regime to strengthen censorship in Belarus, prohibit its own citizens from getting news in Russian from Ukraine.

Also, the management of the enterprise emphasized that the TV channel does not have advertising blocks or other types of advertising messages on the air.

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