Moet Hennessy to add ‘sparkling wine’ label to champagne for Russia

MOSCOW, July 4 (Reuters) – The French champagne maker Moet Hennessy said on Sunday it would begin adding the designation “sparkling wine” to the back of bottles destined for Russia to comply with a new law, having had to suspend deliveries to make the change.

French winegrowers jealously guard the designation “champagne” for the output of the region of the same name, and shun other descriptions.

But the law, signed by President Vladimir Putin on Friday, requires all non-Russian producers of sparkling wine, including the French to describe their product as such in Russia on the label on the back of the bottle, although not on the front.

Makers of Russian “shampanskoye” may continue to use that term alone.

Moet Hennessy, which sells the Moet & Chandon, Veuve Clicquot and Dom Perignon champagnes and belongs to the LVMH (LVMH.PA) group, said it had been forced to suspend deliveries to change its labels.

“The MH Champagne Maisons have always respected the legislation in force wherever they operate, and will resume deliveries as quickly as possible once these adjustments are made,” it said in an emailed statement.

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  1. “French winegrowers jealously guard the designation “champagne” for the output of the region of the same name, and shun other descriptions.”

    Nope they don’t, they react like frogs always do, by humiliating themselves. Moet had a choice, accept the Muscovy threats, or tell the scum where to go, and ban the sale of champagne in Russia. They chose the latter. I wonder how Macron is feeling now about grovelling to Putin, by trying to invite him to the EU summit?

    • French rulers, like kraut rulers, have a default set of positions, whoever’s in power. Anti-integrity, anti-America, anti-Britain, pro-Russia, pro-corrupt dictators everywhere.

    • Yes, despite coming from the champagne region and producing champagne, the French will label it whatever the Moskali tell them too. Therein allowing Putin to dictate who makes the real champagne and who doesn’t. Apparently it is ok with the French for Putin to claim ALL champagne comes from Moskovia…
      In the next G7 or Normandy meeting people will want to discuss Putin’s fascist imperialism and Macron will want to discuss fucking champagne labels…

      • The French have already capitulated. Now the champagne producers are whining to French diplomats. They have the alternative, to say GFY, reverse your decision, if not, no champagne will be sent to Russia. Of course this puts morals before money, and requires a spine, something sadly lacking in the French.

  2. Mafia land can’t make jack shit in good quality and so they can drink their carbonated piss themselves.

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