Hundreds of Russian tourists were isolated in Cuba in a week Tests made on the island revealed covid in them. But the tests made in Russia – no

Cuba has isolated many Russian tourists who arrived on the island in late June and early July. This decision was made based on the results of coronavirus tests that the Russians were given at the airport after arrival.

Among passengers on the flight on June 30, tests showed a positive result in 133 people (according to the results of a second analysis, COVID-19 was confirmed in 33 people). Another 130 people were isolated in hotels in the following days. Among those who arrived on the island before June 29, 14 Russians were in hotels with confirmed coronavirus. Another Russian citizen was hospitalized in Havana due to complications associated with COVID-19, Russian Consul General in Cuba Nana Mgeladze told RIA Novosti.Such a banner was posted by Russian tourists isolated at the hotel due to positive tests for coronavirus

In a conversation with TASS, Mgeladze said that as of July 4, 127 people who flew to Cuba on June 30 and July 1, as well as 10 people who arrived on July 3, were isolated with positive tests. In turn, Rosturizm told TASS that on the morning of July 5, 89 Russian citizens remained isolated in Cuba; they were waiting for the results of repeat tests for coronavirus. Another 103 Russians were removed from isolation after retesting.

At least some of the Russian tourists who arrived in Cuba did not believe that they really had a coronavirus. On July 3, Instagram user Katerina Tyuleneva posted a video for which about 15 Russians were filmed who arrived in Cuba on June 30. “This simply cannot be – so many positive tests from so many people. Only from our hotel 20 rooms. <…> In Russia, we all passed the tests, they are all negative, half of the people here are vaccinated. As it turned out that according to their tests we are all positive, it raises questions, ”said one of the women in the video.

Nana Mgeladze found it difficult to answer why Russian tourists began to massively detect coronavirus in Cuba, although they received negative results of PCR tests before leaving Russia. “Obviously, they have some problems with the reagents in the laboratory. As for correcting this situation, it happens only due to the fact that our citizens have to re-take the tests,  she told TASS.

The Consul General noted that the Cuban authorities wanted to send more than 150 Russians with a positive test for coronavirus to the observatory, but Russian diplomats managed to convince them to leave tourists in their hotels. Russian Ambassador to Cuba Andrei Guskov personally discussed the situation with the Cuban Minister of Tourism Juan Carlos Garcia.

Russians who are isolated in Cuba will not be able to count on compensation from tour operators, Maya Lomidze, executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia , told TASS. “This is a situation that all tourists heading to Cuba have been warned about. <…> It’s unpleasant, especially when there are no symptoms, but nevertheless, these are the rules, ”she said.

Russia resumed flights with Cuba in October 2020. According  to the Russian Consulate General in Havana, four Russian airlines are currently flying to Cuba. They operate 12 flights weekly, each carrying an average of 450 passengers. At the beginning of July, about six thousand Russians rested in the resorts of Cuba.

To get to the island, foreigners must do a PCR test no earlier than 72 hours before departure; another PCR test from arrivals is taken at the airport after arrival.

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Cuba, according to official figures,   about 204 thousand cases of coronavirus have been identified , and 1,351 have died. Over the past two weeks, the number of new COVID-19 cases detected daily has increased by 117%.

(C)MEDUZA 2021


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