Russian boats could not catch up with the Defender destroyer and fire on it – a former NATO officer

A retired serviceman, citing a source, said that the engines of Russian boats could not withstand the high pace of the chase.Expert believes that the Russians could not harm the destroyer Defender / royalnavy.mod.ukExpert believes that the Russians could not harm the destroyer Defender /

Russian border patrol boats, which tried to obstruct the peaceful passage of the Defender destroyer in the Black Sea, were far behind the British ship in speed and probably did not have a real opportunity to open fire on it.

This opinion was expressed on the air of the channel ” OBOZREVATEL ” by the captain of the first rank of the retired US Navy Harry Tabah In his opinion, Russia’s threats were empty.

“One of the problems, as far as I understand, is this. It’s not a proven source, but it’s a source I trust. I was told that border boats couldn’t catch up with this destroyer to stop it. Because the destroyer is moving much faster. Also, when they returned to their base, all their engines were killed. Because they could not go so long and so fast. The engines had to be German, but because Russia is under sanctions, they put Chinese engines, and they could not stand, “- told Tabah.

According to the officer, the British destroyer ignored the request of the Russian border guards to change course, as it was in the territorial waters of Ukraine. In addition, the crew of Defender probably realized that the Russians are not able to strike at the ship.

“For the third time, the Russians said, ‘Otherwise we will open fire.’ officer.

Tabah is skeptical of the Russians’ statements about the shelling.

“They say that some shots were heard – there were Russian exercises. Heck, they know, maybe they killed the fish there. And then they thought, ‘Let’s say we shot at them.'” It looks rather strange, because Defender is a modern ship that sees and hears everything that happens in the Black Sea and beyond, “he concluded.

Incident with a British destroyer near the Crimea

The incident  with the destroyer of Great Britain  took place on June 23 near Cape Fiolent on the coast of the occupied Crimea.

According to the Russian side, Defender illegally entered the “territorial waters of the Russian Federation.” The Russian Defense Ministry said that the ship was deported by warning shots and bombing.

The British Ministry of Defense replied that the bombing was not carried out, and the shooting was accepted by the crew for artillery training.

On June 24, Boris Johnson commented on the “shelling” of the British destroyer by the Russians. He stated that he had passed through Ukrainian territorial waters and had done the right thing by choosing the path near the occupied Crimea. Johnson reminded that London does not recognize the annexation of Crimea and the Russian affiliation of these waters.

The media further reported that the final decision on the passage of the British destroyer HMS Defender near the shores of the Russian-occupied Crimea was made by Johnson.

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