In Yalta sea water “urine color”. The mayor wishes tourists an “unforgettable vacation”

On June 18, 2021, a flood occurred in Yalta. Because in less than a day the three-month norm of precipitation fell. Water from the mountains washed away dirt and stones. Dozens of houses were flooded and 54 people were injured. The disaster damaged cars, streets and the waterfront. The sea became tricolor from the silt. Radio Svoboda checked whether this affected the number of tourists in the city.

The Yalta embankment was cleared after the flood and opened to tourists. Local activist and blogger Olena Gukova visited the neighboring village of Massandra. Despite the fact that it was almost not affected by the flood, the number of tourists here decreased.

“People are few, you can see for yourself,” she commented on the video.Water the color of urine. See?Olena Gukova

The blogger shows that cafes and slaughterhouses with souvenirs and beach accessories work. Vacationers swim in the sea, despite the dirty water and the ban of local authorities. And offers residents vaccination against hepatitis A and dysentery.

Vacationers on Massandra beach. 
Greater Yalta, June 30, 2021

“Water the color of urine. See? ” – says Gukova.

“Water quality research is being conducted. As soon as bathing is allowed, we will notify you. We strongly recommend that you do not endanger yourself and your family, ”said a loudspeaker on Massandra Beach.We bathe. If not, why don’t they close the gate ?!Tourist

– How is your vacation? It is impossible to bathe, – Gukov addresses to tourists.

– And we bathe. If not, why don’t they close the gate ?! – the vacationer answers her.

– They warn through loudspeakers.

– Well then what ?! Maybe they make money that way.Look at the man who is swimming near the waterfront. This is not bravado, this is not heroism – this is human stupidity!Igor Korsakov

Another blogger filmed a man swimming in the sea near the center of Yalta. It is this coast that has suffered the most from the flood. After the flood, the sea became tricolor due to mud and silt from the mountains.

“Emenesniks on boats are constantly driving people out of the water. God forbid, they will find Koch’s bacillus here (the causative agent of tuberculosis – ed.). Look at the man who is swimming near the waterfront. This is not bravado, this is not heroism – this is human stupidity! ” – said in his video blog Crimean Igor Korsakov .

Contrary to the ban, tourists swim in the sea after the flood. 
Yalta, June 30, 2021

On June 23, 2021, the Kremlin-controlled speaker of the Crimean parliament, Vladimir Konstantinov, said that tourists were leaving Yalta. The head of the city administration Yanina Pavlenko also spoke about inspecting the local beaches .

“I see that there are not so many vacationers on the beach – people leave here,” she said.

Pavlenko is active in social networks. Almost every day he posts photos and videos of the consequences of the flood, communicates on camera with tourists.

– Did you know that we had an element, and still came? She asks people on the beach.Your vacation will be unforgettable, because you can lie on the beach and swim hereYanina Pavlenko

– Yes, we have been waiting for this vacation for so long! – The tourist answers her.

– God, forgive me for what happened. I wish you an unforgettable vacation. It will be unforgettable, because you can lie on the beach and swim here, – says the mayor to vacationers.

Due to the flood in Yalta, tourists refuse to book apartments and suites. Realtor Ivan told the authors of the YouTube channel “Crimea through the eyes of locals”.

“Many are canceling reservations. Of all the apartments I know, only one has been flooded. But I don’t have reservations there, “he says.

We called the hotel and private guest houses to find out how the weather affected the number of bookings.

“People are living, everything is fine. There aren’t even any seats, ”we were told at the Sparta Hotel.

“We receive guests as usual. There were cancellations of reservations, yes. Our prices have not changed, “Dvorik na Morska Guest House said by phone.

Beach of the hotel “Yalta-Intourist”, 2018

The famous Yalta hotel “Intourist” does not say anything about the cancellation of reservations. Guests are not offered discounts due to the flood.

“The hotel was not affected at all, that is, it ( flood – ed. ) Did not affect the rest of our guests. The only thing we have now is a closed beach. We offer an alternative – a pool with sea water “, – told us in” Intourist “.

Vacationers who come to the Crimea, especially from neighboring Russia, ask guides to bring them to the center of Yalta. According to the Russian news agency, these vacationers want to be photographed at the site of the flood and remove the flooded houses.

(c) Radio Svoboda


  • “Vacationers swim in the sea, despite the dirty water and the ban of local authorities. And offers residents vaccination against hepatitis A and dysentery.”

    What a shithole. Water the colour of piss, and a choice between bat virus, hepatitis A and dysentry as dessert. Russia makes any African shithole look like the Bahamas.

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  • Nice, the Mayor of Yalta has all the time of the world to speak with all the people on the beach……………all six of them.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    I fondly remember the beaches on Yalta and Alushta. What impressed me a lot back then was how clean the water was. Now, it must be a cesspool. Thanks, mafia land!
    Another huge difference is the few people there at the beaches now when compared to before the theft.

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  • Shame, that a fat Russian bitch is now running Yalta…………………..

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