Egor Dudnikov, a Russian arrested in Belarus, complained about the conditions in the pre-trial detention center. Due to the heat, the temperature there rose to +50 degrees

Russian citizen Yegor Dudnikov, who is in custody in the Minsk remand prison, complains of poor conditions in the isolation ward and deteriorating health. His mother Yulia Dudnikova and his lawyer Anton Gashinsky told Dozhd about this.

“At the moment, I know that his condition has worsened: the weather conditions, plus the consequences of beatings during detention, had a very negative effect on his health. There are constant headaches, and a broken tooth, which constantly hurts, and panic attacks, he has all this. And, unfortunately, doctors are in no hurry to help prisoners, ” said Dudnikova.

Gashinsky added that Dudnikov had complained about the conditions in the pre-trial detention center. According to the Russian, it is “practically impossible” to eat what is given in the isolation ward, so he only eats what he receives in the programs.

In addition, Gashinsky said, due to the heat in Belarus, the temperature in the pre-trial detention center rose to +50 degrees. “In case of abnormal heat and very poor nutrition, diseases immediately arise, including those associated with indigestion, and since there is very poor hygiene, you can wash yourself only once a week and only for 5-15 minutes. Accordingly, it is very difficult to maintain personal hygiene, ”the lawyer said.

20-year-old Russian citizen Yegor Dudnikov was detained in Minsk in early May on the case of organizing actions that grossly violate public order.

On July 2, Alexander Lukashenko called Dudnikov the main moderator of the telegram channel “Belarusian Self-Defense Units”, which was allegedly created by members of “sleeping terrorist cells” for a violent change of power in Belarus.

Dudnikov himself claimed that after the arrest he was beaten and forced to incriminate himself. According to his lawyer and family members, he voiced the videos that the Belarusian opposition made after the 2020 protests, but Dudnikov did not participate in the protests themselves.

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