Russia bought 160 thousand doses of Sputnik V vaccine from Slovakia. The country refused to use it due to low demand

Russia has bought 160,000 unused doses of Sputnik V vaccine from Slovakia, said Zuzana Eliashova, press secretary of the Ministry of Health of the republic.

According to the TV channel TA3, the consignment of Sputnik was bought at the same price as Russia sold the vaccine to Slovakia – at $ 9.95 per dose. The money will be received within 20 working days after signing the agreement.

The purchased doses have already been exported from Slovakia. There are only drugs left in the country for people who have registered for vaccination. According to the Ministry of Health, 10,500 people were vaccinated with the first dose of Sputnik in a country where more than five million people live.

The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), which is responsible for the export of the Russian vaccine, in response to Zuzana Eliashova’s words, told RBC that a disinformation campaign was launched against Sputnik in Slovakia related to “internal political struggle and pressure from the international pharmaceutical lobby. “. “Misinformation and fake news have an enormous influence on the course of mass vaccination in the different countries,” – noted in the fund.

In March, Slovakia bought 200,000 doses of Sputnik V vaccine, which led to the  resignation of Slovak Prime Minister Igor Matovic. He negotiated supplies without consulting his coalition partners, and against the backdrop of a coalition crisis that lasted several months, this became a formal reason for his departure.

In April, the Slovak State Institute for Drug Control announced that the Sputnik V vaccine entering the country was different from the samples reported by the scientific journal The Lancet, which are under study at the European Medicines Agency. RDIF called these allegations false and demanded the return of the supplied drug.

At the end of May, the Slovak government approved the use of Sputnik in the country, but in June, due to low demand, it decided to stop vaccination with the Russian drug.

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