Putin has issued a decree intended to strengthen “fraternal ties” with Ukrainians: what it means

Russia’s national security strategy, approved by Putin, does not specify the specific steps that Moscow intends to take to strengthen “fraternal ties” with Ukrainians.Vladimir Putin / photo by REUTERSVladimir Putin / photo by REUTERS

On Saturday, July 3, Russian President Vladimir Putin approved the country’s national security strategy, which, in particular, sets out plans for Ukrainians.

The presidential decree was published on the official Internet portal of legal information in Russia.

The document states that the achievement of the Kremlin’s foreign policy goals will be achieved through, in particular, strengthening “fraternal ties between the Russian, Belarusian and Ukrainian peoples.”

At the same time, the strategy does not specify the specific steps that Moscow is going to take to do so.

The document also stipulates the task of strengthening the position of the Russian language as a “language of international communication” and providing support to Russian citizens in other countries, in preserving their “all-Russian cultural identity.”screenshot of the decreescreenshot of the decree

Meeting between Zelensky and Putin: what is known

As UNIAN reported earlier, on April 20, Zelensky invited Putin to meet “at any point” in the Donbass where the war is going on.

On April 22, Putin declared his readiness to discuss bilateral relations with Zelensky in Moscow at any convenient time, but refused to discuss the “Donbass problem.” He also reiterated that in order to solve the “Donbass problem”, the Ukrainian leadership needs to communicate with Russian-controlled militants from the DNR and LNR, and only then with Russia.

On April 26, Zelensky announced preparations for a meeting with the President of Russia and said that he had given a corresponding instruction to the head of the OP, Andrei Yermak.

On June 25, Zelensky said that the question of his possible meeting with Putin is now a “ball on the side of Russia.” Zelensky also noted that the Office of the President of Ukraine and the administration of the President of the Russian Federation have already contacted on the topics of negotiations, date and place of the bilateral meeting.

On June 30, Putin said he did not know what to talk about with Zelensky because he had allegedly “handed over his country to full external control.”

“The key issues of Ukraine’s life are not solved in Kyiv, but in Washington, partly in Berlin and Paris,” Putin said. “And what to talk about? However, I do not refuse meetings of this kind, we just need to understand what to talk about,” he added.

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