lllia Ponomarenko: Ukraine’s Friend & Foe of the Week

Editor’s Note: This feature separates Ukraine’s friends from its enemies. The Order of Yaroslav the Wise has been given since 1995 for distinguished service to the nation. It is named after the Kyivan Rus leader from 1019-1054, when the medieval empire reached its zenith. The Order of Lenin was the highest decoration bestowed by the Soviet Union, whose demise Russian President Vladimir Putin mourns. It is named after Vladimir Lenin, whose corpse still rots on the Kremlin’s Red Square, more than 100 years after the October Revolution he led.

Ukraine’s Friend on the Week: Franziska Brantner, Germanys Green Party member

As the latest events show, the German idea to invite President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia to the upcoming European Union summit has failed.

In many ways, this happened thanks to the strong opposition from the bloc’s members like The Netherlands or the Baltic countries.

Once again, history’s most successful union of democracies has gone deeply split — and again, because of Russia and its money.

The Russian-German gas pipeline project Nord Stream 2 is very close to being completed. And despite all the fears and warnings voiced for years over this deal with the devil, the outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel does her best trying to reinstate the Kremlin as a credible partner with no bloodstains on its suit sleeves.

But in reality, this drive towards “business as usual” turns against Berlin itself — and politicians in Germany do understand this.

“The problem is that thanks to Nord Stream 2, Germany has lost all credibility as a representative of European interests,” as Franziska Brantner, a Green Party representative of Green told the Financial Times.

“Some EU member states really wonder whether the German government is acting in the interests of Europe or just those of German business.”

That is a fair point, but unfortunately, such a sentiment is not embracing the high corners of Berlin. As a result, Europe is now standing a step away from an unprecedented rise of its political and economic dependence on the Kremlin and Russian natural gas it loves using as a weapon.

Brantner’s voice of reason in this mayhem, however, totally deserves credit as our country’s friend.

Ukraine’s Foe on the Week: Ted Galen Carpenter, a National Interest magazine author 

It is secret to no one that National Interest, the U.S.-based magazine, has been hand and glove with the Kremlin for years, and that it is frequently used as a Russian propaganda mouthpiece.

However, sometimes, this publication can surprise even its most informed opponents.

In a June 28 piece, author Ted Galen Carpenter has come as far as to trying to persuade his readers that “Ukraine is is a dangerous and unworthy ally” to the U.S.

He continued attacking Doug Klain and Anders Umland, the opinion leaders advocating international assistance to Ukraine amid Russia’s ongoing war against it.

“Despite the growth of pro-Ukraine propaganda, the country fails to warrant inclusion as an important U.S. ally, either on the basis of strategic benefit or moral credentials,” the author says.

He again accuses Ukraine of corruption and the “rise of authoritarianism,” under which he means sanctions and criminal investigations against pro-Kremlin powerbrokers like Viktor Medvedchuk.

Therefore, according to Carpenter, the U.S. should not help a peaceful nation attacked by the world’s second-biggest military power that occupies 7% of its territory.

For this outstanding specimen of shameless selling black for white, Carpenter deserves the symbolic Order of Lenin.

Yes, Ukraine is still not ideal in its pro-Western reforms and combating corruption.

But, compared to Russia and Belarus so greatly beloved by Carpenter, it is an island of freedom, the good hope of the future of which is worth all efforts of this world.

(c) KyivPost


  • “For this outstanding specimen of shameless selling black for white, Carpenter deserves the symbolic Order of Lenin.”

    Nope he deserves a 5 year holiday in Crimea.

    Liked by 3 people

  • “the country fails to warrant inclusion as an important U.S. ally, either on the basis of strategic benefit or moral credentials,”
    Lets look at that.
    Ukraine is not even the most corrupt ally the US has. That distinction goes to Columbia, Iraq and Afghanistan. Mexico is on par with Ukraine in the corruption and while Ukraine is at least trying to deal with the problem. Mexico raised the white flag on that fight years ago.
    Strategic Benefit prior to 2014 no it did not. we had decent relations with Russia and were doing every thing we could to reassure them. They had more military observers at the NATO head quarters than most of the other countries combined. we conducted exercises with them, careful coordinated separate exercises and allowed Russian observers. Most everybody sincerly expected Russia to join NATO eventually. That is no shit.
    But Russia wanted to be a rival. They were all demoralized because ‘Nobody is afraid of us!”
    Well people are afraid of them now.
    And fear quickly turns to anger followed just as quickly by hatred.
    So now Ukraine is of GREAT Strategic benefit.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Is the number of people who swallow Carpenter’s liquid shit great enough to worry about? I doubt it very much.

    Liked by 3 people

    • Unfortunately facts, propaganda works. Which is why the putinazis have invested $billions into it. Putler has studied Goebbells and he knows what works. Combine that with the multi-$billion investment into buying influence in the EU and America and you have real problems. Just read the comments pages of any respectable newspaper and you will see the results. Mainstream conservatives who love Trump also love putler. Then you have Marxists, who ALWAYS support anyone who hates America and Britain. They’ve always been there, but the alt-right is comparatively new. The house mag of the alt-right is Breitbart, which banned me for making anti-putler remarks. Since putler-groveller Bannon left, some op-eds have taken a more anti-putler line, which is encouraging. It infuriated its putler-loving readers though. Whether the loss of them will result in more mainstream readers, thus replacing lost advertising revenue, remains to be seen.

      Liked by 1 person

      • onlyfactsplease

        Sir scradge, of course you are right and mafia propaganda influences many people across Europe and North America. Maybe I should have formulated my question differently, like what type of people does mafia propaganda influence? When someone knows about the many wrongs that mafia land did and about the true nature of the form of government in place there, then no amount of lies and half-truths will influence that person. Those who don’t know or who are easily influenced are irrelevent. In other words, who cares that Billyjoebob thinks that pew-tin is the greatest?
        I think the greatest danger lies in mafiosi blackmailing and bribing people in our society with real influence. Maybe they have evidence that the fat cow really isn’t a physicist or worked for the Stasi and that Macron’s dirty secret is fucking little boys. I don’t want to downplay the role of influencing Billyjoebob because he could vote for Mr. X, who is a mafia groveler, but such situations are few and far between. In effect, I don’t think that mafia land is getting the type of bang for the huge bucks they are spending on propaganda. We should look deeper in the characters that are found in the governments and industries all across the important countries. I know that this is much easier said than done. I, for my part, enjoy fighting for Ukraine and maybe the one or other important person who was a pew-tin anus licker will finally “see the light” with what you and I have to say. Billyjoebob is wholly irrelevant to me.

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