Like “Zaporozhets” and Tesla: the captain of the US Navy compared the armies of Russia and America

Tabah also praised the Ukrainian army.The expert compared the Russian army with "Zaporozhets" / photo REUTERSThe expert compared the Russian army with “Zaporozhets” / photo REUTERS

The United States Army is much more powerful and modern than its Russian army , according to retired U.S. Navy First Rank Captain Harry Tabah.

He expressed this opinion in an interview with the ” Observer “.

“Comparing these armies is like comparing Zaporozhets with Tesla. I think the difference is even bigger. It’s not just high technology, tanks, planes or the number of soldiers. Today we don’t fight like that, today we don’t look like that. It’s also professionalism, level training of the military, their education, their experience, standard of living, “the military explained.

He also reminded that Russia, unlike the United States, has no partners or allies. “She does not have high technology and professionalism. There is nothing like it. This is a huge gap,” Tabah added.

“I know that the Ukrainian KB Luch has created a drone that is no worse, and even better than the Turkish drones. Of course, not all components there are Ukrainian, but this is cooperation, integration. What is the problem of Russia, why their planes can’t they fly? Because they have Western components, they are under sanctions – everything, they have become. The army of Ukraine today is not the army of 2014. And the Russian generals understand it perfectly “, – he summarized.

(c)UNIAN 2021

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