From the FB page- My Ukrainian friends

The following article provides a definitive, up to date snapshot of those countries in the EU that hate Ukraine and are fighting for Russia. They are as follows :

Germany, France, Austria, Bulgaria, Italy, Denmark.

Those that spoke up for Ukraine: Sweden, Poland, Pribaltika, The Netherlands.

June 26, 2021

This is a translation from the original article here :

′′ But it became even more important that almost the whole European Union became on our side – unlike 2019 ′′ Europravda ′′ identified only 5 states whose leaders supported Merkel’s initiative. This is the French President Macron, who is an ancient supporter of the concept of ′′ dialogue and constructive relations ′′ with Russia (let’s remember, after all, about 2019 in PACE).

Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurtz was not surprised, who believes that ′′ EU needs a joint forum for dialogue with Russia “. He was joined by Bulgaria President Rumen Radev, who hotly supported relations with the leader of Russia, explaining that this is ′′ a question of EU ambitions as a global player ′′ and adding that ′′ seven years of sanctions did not help ′′ (rhetoric – one in one as in 2019! ). Italian Prime Minister Mario Dragi also spoke ′′ for “, explaining that ′′ Russia is too important economic and political player not to engage with it “. And from the fifth ally Merkel surprised – he turned out to be the Prime Minister of Denmark Mette Fredrixen, who explained that she also advocates for dialogue under all conditions.

Surprising is primarily because Denmark is a friend of our state, and other northern EU states were on the side of Ukraine. Yes, sources of European media stress that during an emotional discussion at the summit one of our key defenders was Swedish premier Stefan Lʹoven. Poland and the Baltic states also actively stood up for us – Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

The position of Prime Minister Mark Rutte deserves a separate attention.

He immediately informed his colleagues: if there is a great desire to meet the Russian dictator, then let the Presidents of the European Council and the European Commission do so. The Netherlands will not block such a meeting, but he himself will not sit at one table with Putin.

The same Rutte repeated publicly when passing journalists to cover the summit. Some of them asked about the reason for rejection, and Rutte briefly replied: ′′ MH18 “.

However, it is not necessary to think that the EU rejected Angeli Merkel only because it was ′′ transparent ′′ about the impossibility of actions against Russia.”

′′ So her statements about the desire to engage in dialogue and business with Russia could have a purely election character – in Germany, most voters support this approach.

Let it be like, this threat is now gone. The EU has proved that it has made some conclusions from its actions in 2019 and is not ready to close its eyes to the actions of the Russian Federation, especially against the background of what is happening in Russia itself. Although few doubts that in the future new attempts at reconciliation will take place. Both Ukraine and our friends in the EU should be prepared for this.”

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  • The friends of Ukraine are listed. As are the putler shills; led of course by the despicable anti-Ukraine/pro-Russia alliance of France and Germany.
    As for the rest of the countries not named: ie the indifferent ones, they are scum too.

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