Ukrainian Politicians Sport National Colors After Team Advances At Euro 2020

June 30, 2021 18:32 GMT – By RFE/RL

Ukrainian leaders — from the prime minister to the mayor of Kyiv – donned yellow-and-blue jerseys to celebrate the national football team’s win over Sweden in the European Championships, advancing Ukraine to the last eight for the first time.

Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal chaired a cabinet meeting in a jersey that sported team captain Andriy Yarmolenko’s No. 7. Other ministers wore team shirts in the national colors.

“I congratulate and thank the guys and coaches for this victory,” Shmyhal said. “Such things motivate, unite the country, which supports our team with all its heart.”

Ukraine beat Sweden 2-1 at the end of extra time in Glasgow on June 29, matching the country’s biggest achievement at a major tournament. Ukraine last advanced to the quarterfinal stage at the 2006 World Cup.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko posted a picture of himself on Instagram in a blue national team jersey trimmed in yellow and holding two thumbs up.

“Go Ukraine! Glory to the Heroes!” he wrote in an accompanying caption.

Ukraine’s jerseys for Euro 2020 sparked controversy earlier this month when Moscow objected over an outline on them that included Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula, which Russia seized in 2014. Russia was also upset over the patriotic phrases “Glory to Ukraine” and “Glory to the heroes” that were written on the shirts.

European football’s governing body UEFA initially approved the design but later ordered the removal of the slogan “Glory to the heroes,” saying the combination of the two phrases was “clearly political in nature.”

After the Kremlin took Crimea by force, Russia tried to legitimize its actions with a referendum widely derided as a sham. This vote was conducted in a heavily militarized environment and was illegal under the Ukrainian Constitution. The result has never been recognized by most of the international community.

Ukraine’s quarterfinal match is against England on July 3 in Rome. The team is considered an underdog against England, which advanced on June 29 by defeating Germany.


  • My wife come across this on facebook yesterday. 😂

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    • She’s right, Londongrad has just as big a problem as Ukraine I’d bet.

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      • This was satire; amusing but not true. ‘Ultra-nationalists’ in Britain are a very small band indeed. Britain is a small c conservative country. Nationalism is purely for the far right parties; which are very small in the UK. The BNP is still the biggest I think. Needless to say its members love putler.
        Supporters of the ruling Conservative Party are patriotic, not nationalists. Labour is like your modern Dems : in favour of big government, swingeing taxation and highly supportive of anyone that hates us.
        But yes, we have been very weak on putinazi criminals such as Abramovich using London as a money laundering centre. But so is America. There is even more Russian criminal money in NYC and Miami than Britain. $Billions invested in Trump real estate alone.

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        • So, buying Trump property equates to investing in Trump real estate? Interesting verbal contortion.


          • “Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets … we see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”
            Trump Jr.


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            • So what? As it would in many many international businesses it doesn’t mean they’re agents.


              • I’ve never claimed them to be agents Redders. I merely pointed out what you already know : the Trump family consider their sickeningly close business arrangements with Russian criminals to be a badge of honour, rather than a matter for deep shame.
                The government, mafia, oligarchy, spooks and the banking system there essentially function as one entity. You know that, the Trumps know that and I know that.
                I don’t believe Trump to be a Russian agent, but he undoubtedly is a Russian agent of influence, along with his ghastly British pal; Nigel Farage. They both speak as one when it comes to putler. Praising a fascist dictator has never been seen from a US president before. In US media the malignant shill Carlson fulfills the same role. On the Dems side there is one skanky putlerite; Tulsi Gabbard. Do you know of any more?
                The Pauls are Russian agents, because John McCain said so and I believe him. However, despite being the victim of a repellent hate campaign from Trump and the putler-supporting alt-right, he never made the same claim about Trump and I believe that also. At least until or unless fresh evidence comes to light.

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