Ukraine has developed and started production of home “smart batteries”

Accumulation of energy. Photo for illustration from Unsplash

Odessa R&D center EMGo Technology has developed and launched into mass production a product line of powerful LiFePo4 drives. According to the developers, as of today the company brings to market two types of powerful batteries.

The first is a large home power bank, the second is a real “smart home battery”.

  • Large home power bank with a face value of 8 kW and a peak power of 20 kW – is designed for integration into existing and installed home solar systems with an inverter. More and more Ukrainians who use solar panels prefer to create a supply of available energy before “draining” solar energy into the grid at a green rate.
  • “Smart home battery” – a powerful battery with an integrated inverter. This device is a universal home substation that can be configured to the desired algorithm. It can work with solar panels as an energy reservoir, as well as – as a smart powerbank: it is charged both from the sun and from the network. In the event of a power outage, the owner of such a battery will not even notice it – the “brain” of the battery will work automatically and connect the available reserves. The battery’s on-board computer can simultaneously charge the battery from the sun and, for example, give energy to the home’s power system.

“We are building the first in Ukraine certified and standardized production of powerful lithium-based batteries. We create storage facilities for energy storage and make a significant contribution to the development of green energy in Ukraine. We are convinced that the project is important and relevant for Ukraine with a daytime peak of consumption and lack of energy during the day and a huge excess of energy generated at night. Today, more and more people are switching to alternative energy sources, or combining them with traditional ones,
”said one of the founders of EMGo Technology.

The company has plans for the maximum localization of production of these items in Ukraine. Unfortunately, it is not yet physically possible to produce batteries in Ukraine, from which home batteries are constructed. That’s why EMGo has started a long-term project collaboration with one of the American leaders in the battery industry.

At the same time, the development and assembly of devices (laser welding of elements) has already been localized, and the localization of control and power electronics production in Ukraine is on time.

According to the developers, battery modules can simply be scaled to use them not only for domestic but also for business purposes (for example, as powerful substations for production sites) – in case of power outages, or even to compensate for heavy loads on the enterprise network. .


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