TIS terminal in the port of pivdennyi received the first container train from China (photo)

TIS container terminal in the port of “Southern”

On June 22, the official container meeting of the first container train from China, which arrived in Odessa region, took place at the TIS container terminal in the port of Pivdennyi (DP World TIS Pivdennyi).

The train left the Chinese province of Guangdong on May 29. He passed through the territory of China, Mongolia, Russia and Ukraine through the customs posts Erlyan – Zamyn Uud, Naushki – Sukhe-Bator, Valuyki-Poplar, Art. Black Sea – TIS. In total, the distance of 8,408 kilometers was covered.

TIS container terminal in the port of “South”

The train has been granted permanent status, which means that it will have to run on a permanent schedule, which is included in the schedule of China’s state railway, without delays and errors. Now this status, among other trains going from China to Ukraine, is unique.

This project was initiated and organized by the Ukrainian logistics company UNI-LAMAN GROUP.

“The train will ensure uninterrupted deliveries of goods from China to Ukraine in 20 days compared to 40 days of delivery by sea,” – commented in UNI-LAMAN GROUP.

The Ukrainian operator of the container train was UNI-LAMAN GROUP, the Chinese operator was Guangdong GW Railway Operator Ltd., which is a part of the state corporation Guangdong GW Holdings Group Co., Ltd. CIMC-logistics acted as a local agent in the People’s Republic of China. Arrival and processing of the train in Ukraine will take place at the DP World TIS Pivdennyi terminal.

TIS container terminal in the port of “South”

In the future, the train is scheduled to be reduced to 20 days, the warehouse will carry an average of 50 containers per flight.

As noted the day before in UZ, since the beginning of the year 13 container trains have arrived in Ukraine from China, and 67 Chinese trains have been transited through Ukraine.


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