Construction of submarines and ships together with the renewal of coastal artillery is a priority for the development of the Ukrainian Navy

Submarine – Photo:

New ships, submarines and boats, a ship helicopter based on Mi-2, PKR “Neptune”, MLRS “Willow” and ACS “Bogdan” – the main promising areas of armament, as defined by the Doctrine of the Naval Forces of Ukraine.

The document was developed by the Institute of Naval Forces of the National University “Odessa Naval Academy” together with the Department of the Navy of the National Defense University of Ukraine named after Ivan Chernyakhovsky and the Command of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The main directions of development of the maritime component of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the long term should be the construction, purchase or receipt of new ships at the expense of international technical assistance and modernization of existing ships.

These are new generation missile boats, landing ships of various classes, patrol ships and boats for the protection of the territorial sea and the exclusive (maritime) economic zone, unmanned submarines and new types of ships for various purposes.

The Navy is discussing three options for ships funded by Britain. Rocket boat project from DPTSK Photo: Facebook / Serhiy Haiduk

The document provides for the modernization and scheduled repairs of warships, boats and support vessels that are part of the Ukrainian Navy. The revival of the submarine and minesweepers of the fleet, the construction of new minesweepers and small submarines were called topical issues.

Sandown minesweeper. Photo: Naval Technology

It is noted that in order to strengthen defense capabilities, it is necessary to create a Unified Marine Lighting System. It is planned to create it by forming a system of coastal observation of the surface situation, coverage of the underwater situation. The system should provide technical capabilities to bring information to all users of the security and defense sector in real time and be integrated into the Unified Automated Control System of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Priority in the direction of the coastal component of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine should be equipping coastal military units (subdivisions) with the latest weapons, in particular – coastal ground-based missile systems “Neptune” with anti-ship missiles R-360 and jet systems of volley fire artillery installations of 155 mm caliber “Bogdan”.

The development of the aviation component is important. First of all, ensuring airworthiness and modernization of existing aircraft in order to increase their efficiency and continued operation, development of a new domestic patrol aircraft.

The renewal of the fleet is considered through the purchase of specialized helicopters, primarily domestic development and production. And also by equipping Navy units with reconnaissance unmanned aerial vehicles of tactical and operational-tactical level.


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