England and Ukraine fans barred from Rome quarter-final

Fans based in both England and Ukraine will not be able to attend the nations’ UEFA Euro 2020 quarter-final in Rome on Saturday due to Italian quarantine requirements.

The English Football Association (FA) has confirmed it will not be selling tickets to the England Supporters Travel Club, the official arm of England’s away support, after the requirement by the Italian government that all British citizens quarantine for five days on arrival in the country.

Tickets will instead be made available through the UK embassy in Rome, with English fans resident in the country getting priority. Total capacity will be around 18,000, with the FA able to distribute roughly 12.5% of that total, or just over 2,000 tickets.

In a statement to ESTC members on Tuesday night, the FA said: “Unfortunately, the FA will not be selling any tickets via the ESTC for this fixture given the travel restrictions in place across both countries, and as such are working with UEFA and the British embassy in Italy to facilitate as many ticket sales to English residents in Italy as possible.”

Fans based in Ukraine will also not be able to travel to Italy due to quarantine restrictions. UK-based Wales supporters were allowed to travel to their team’s game in Rome earlier this month as rules only changed afterwards, while fans from most European Union member states can enter Italy still.

The winners of the England-Ukraine game will play a semi-final at Wembley next week in front of 60,000 fans, with the stadium operating at 75% capacity as part of the third phase of the Events Research Programme (ERP).

A British post-COVID record 40,000 fans attended Wembley Stadium last night for England’s game with Germany.

The attendance was almost double the 22,500 allowed at the stadium for the Croatia, Scotland and Czech Republic matches as well as Italy’s game against Austria. As in previous games, fans at last night’s round of 16 fixture had to provide proof of their COVID status, such as proof of a negative lateral flow test or proof of full vaccination or natural immunity.

The UK Government last week published data from ERP after bodies representing the entertainment and hospitality sectors filed legal action demanding its public release.

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  • Well done UEFA, a quarter final of the second most important football competition in the world, and no fans of the respective teams can go to support them. I have no doubt EU hatred for the UK and Ukraine has a lot to do with this, as well as Gazprom running UEFA. Just how difficult would it have been to have alternate venues ready?

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    • Absolutely! We will probably hear about how the fans weren’t interested in the game and how infected St. Petersburg had such a better result. Seriously? The infection is worse in Rome? Like you said, this is more about Gazprom than UEFA. Russia didn’t even televise the Ukraine/Sweden game for the same reasons.

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      • The hypocrisy is astounding. Last week EUFA threatened to remove the final from London, if covid rules were not relaxed for 2500 officials to attend the final. Yet nothing is said to Italy about relaxing covid laws for real fans of football to attend the game.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    This is a perfect example of why soccer doesn’t interest me. There is too much politics and too much corruption and too much Ruskie mafiosi influence.

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